Squid & Soju
By Lydia on August 7, 2008 11:30 AM| | Comments (2)
Sure has been a while! My stolen wireless connection has mysteriously dissapeared, so i snuck down to vertigo early to write this, but wouldn't you know it, I am still pressed for time. I've been so lazy about food recently. Just been buying bread and cheese at Nantucket/Martha's and vegetables at the market, but last week Ted and I made it down to 28th St.for Korean Feast.

Seoul Garden is an island in mall parking lot sea, which, for me anyway, always seemed like a bad omen, a portence of commercial, mass-produced food to come. I was so wrong. The place is quite decked out; linens, silver, fish tank-backed bar, no indoor waterfall, but you can't have everything. Misleadingly, Seoul Garden is not a wholy Korean restaurant. There was only one page of Korean dishes on the menu, the rest being a substantial portion of "chinese," and quite a bit of sushi. We flipped right to the back though, really, how many times do you need to eat beef with broccoli?

Ted and I ordered Stone Bowl Bibimbap and something I am probably misremembering as being called "Squid Plate," as well as a bottle of soju. Soju is a distilled rice liquor, light on alcohol, and it tastes like a watery, sweet vodka.  You drink it in tiny shots, and I think it is more fun than delicious.

I am so disapointed that my internet at my house is AWOL, as otherwise I would have poorly-taken full-color pictures to show you all of the glory that is bibimbap and twirly squid. The former comes in a heavy, hot stone bowl, and is basically a huge mess of rice and vegetables and maybe meat, and an egg on top. I had been hoping the egg would be raw, as is sometimes the case, but no, it was fried, and did nothing to lubricate the contents of the bowl. So be it. The whole dish gets stirred together before eating, and it was great, with lots of textures and flavors and all the seaweed I've been missing.

Squid plate was marginally less inticing, but still good. The squid had been cut in a strace way that almost imitated large cilia, I am unsure whether this was just a cosmetic shaping, or whether it served some tenderizing purpose, but it was pretty sweet looking.

One of the best things, I think, about Korean food is the startling array of little condiment dishes which accompany everything. They are called banchan, and we had such delights as kimchi (totally requisite,) picked daikon, picked parsnip, chili sauce, and god knows what else.

Totally delish, and I really have to go, Dana is standing over me waiting to put more stuff in the Vertigo Amazon store, and I think she's pissed. Shit.

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mmmm... soju. it really is too bad that seoul garden is what grand rapids has for korea. so sad. you palate deserves more than that.