Vacation Pt. 2
By Lydia on August 21, 2008 5:07 PM| | Comments (1)
Tuesday August 12th 11pm
The little girls wanted to make cookies. Instead of using the tried-and-true recipe on the back of chocolate chips, Carrie insisted on calling a friend from her bougie La Joya prep school for a special one. This recipe, however, called for shortening instead of butter. Unfortunately, due to the crazy inconsistent stocking of the Mactier grocery, there was no Crisco to be had, and the girls decided to make do with lard. Jokes and faux gagging ensue.

Thursday August 14th 8pm
Ted and Courtney drove up yesterday, and I am officially a Bad Influence. Courtney got eye-deep in pamplamous and gin, and spent the night groaning "How did this happen???"

We did make dinner, though, so we deserved a drinky treat. Cooking with Ted is funny. I mean, he is a great cook; he spent years cooking in restaurants, and he cares about food. The problem is that given his expertise our dynamic is Ted= alpha cook, Lydia= beta cook. I am generally relegated to chopping. I will be half-finished with samosa filling, a dish I have made, like, a million times, and standing there with the spatula messing with it, and Ted will come over and grab the pan and start doing that fancy-shmancy flipping manouver line cooks do, and there I go back to the cutting board. I am not saying I don't like having a BF who makes delicious food, I just want equal rights at the burners.

Thursday August 14th 11:05pm
I actually have a friend who has "never eaten fish."

Friday August 15th Dinner
Josie made great dinner today. She calls it Angry Pasta:

6ish cloves garlic, smashed
1/2 half palmful red pepper flakes
1 big can diced tomatos
olive oil
chopped parsely to taste

In large frying pan heat olive oil, add garlic and pepper flakes and saute until very brown but not black. Remove from heat for a couple minutes, as otherwise the splatter will get you, then add tomatos, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook. Add cooked penne or whatevs and serve with parsely and parmesean.

Lydia, you must get it right. It's La Jolla, obv.