Name My Drink!
By Lydia on September 26, 2008 2:32 PM| | Comments (7)
The Tentacular Spectacular has been selling well. Eli, my manager, said when it went on the menu that he would be happy if it sold one a week. Well, we sold 10 just last weekend!

New from the Land Of Deliciousness trapped in Lydia's head:

Tablespoon Tahini paste
2 oz Pisco (Pisco is a chilean brandy)
1/2 oz cream
3/4 oz simple syrup

Shake and serve up, garnished with crushed pistachio. It tastes like halwa. I cannot figure what to call it, though. Comment with ideas, and the best one wins a free halwa-drink!

Coming soon: Scary Dinner in the Land of the Little...

Call it "Drinky Drink"

Sesame Souse.

Post a picture (or drawing?) of the tentacular!
And, check the mail for packages....

Open Sesame!

That was me, by the way. I tried to think of a clever name that referenced the pisco, but all I came up with was "Peruse Me:" it's like saying Peru Sesame.

I really like pisco, by the way. Leopold Brothers, the distillery formerly of Ann Arbor and now located in Denver, makes a delicious version.

this is awesome! "Peruse Me" is funny, if obscure. Sesame Souse sounds like a real drink.

The lovely Lady Johanna, in peacock-trimmed finery, and her husband Matt (of Nice!) stopped by last night for Squid Drink and Tahini Drink. It was so nice to see them, it makes me wish I worked for a bar that my friends could come to without saving up for 2 weeks.


Tentacular Spectacular: First and foremost, drinking a suspiciously murky liquid with a calamari hanging on to the side for dear life, brushing it's rubbery tentacles against your rosy cheek now and then while you sip makes you look like a total badass. It looks like the chef rung out her soggy black sock into a highball after getting caught in a rain storm on her way in. Aside from THAT initial appeal, which provided me more than enough incentive to order it ten more times, it is a delicious drink. As Lydia mentioned, reminds you of the sea, but isn't fishy. Has a leafy green flavor, almost like kale or moss. However, I did find that most of the heat hung at the bottom of the drink, making the last two sips a real punch in the mouth.

Untitled Drink: Wonderfully nutty. Matt says it is the Middle Eastern version of a white Russian. We then spent a few minutes brainstorming names that would never ever ever make it on to a menu in midwestern 2008. The combination of crushed pistachio and cardamom on top really pulled it together. I enjoy chewing a little between sips. (see also: the muddled mojito)

All in all, very innovative. I really enjoyed trying them. Great work Lydia!
(apologies for the long comment and co-opting of your blog)

Would it be untoward to suggest "Gumbo Bagginz"? ; )