Bloody Mary Tour of Grand Rapids #2 and #3
By Lydia on October 9, 2008 11:41 AM| | Comments (1)

Sunday drink time at the Sazerac with Chris and Audrea means sitting at a very specific booth in a specific arrangement of people, laptops, and newspaper (careful!) We settle in and order the requisite drink. They arrive in pint glasses, a good sign I think, as in too small a glass it is difficult to attain the proper proportions of juice to vodka while still managing to leave enough alcohol to kill a hangover. Unfortunately, balance was not on display that morning. The drinks were thin to the point of wateriness, and lacking in any flavor besides a faint Tabasco heat. At $5.50 not a bargain and not a treat.

Triangle Bar

For some reason I am biased toward West Side bars. Maybe I assume that the high ratio of drunks means better drink pouring? The Triangle, on Stocking and Garfield, is an unassuming little place, perhaps especially so when you show up just as the clock is striking noon on a Sunday. I had to be back at my house at noon-thirty to go on the Heritage Hills Home Tour with my fam so I was really hoping my drink would be good enough to suck down fast,. and what luck! The Triangle, working from a utilitarian recipe of vodka and Zing Zang, made the best Bloody Mary thus far! It was decently thick, with some peppery tang and a clean tomato aftertaste. This experience is humbling. Perhaps we all need to go back to the drawing board with our Marys. Maybe less is more. Maybe mixes are actually better than straight tomato juice. Fear not, gentle reader-drunks, in time all our questions will be answered as I continue tirelessly on this BMToGR!


Have you had the Bloody Mary at the Meanwhile? Get April to make you one some time when she isn't busy...hers are great. I usually get the Bloody Maria because I like tequila a lot more than I like vodka.

In addition to the usual ingredients, April adds just a bit of Jager and rum. Really tasty.