Bloody Mary Tour of Grand Rapids Stop #1
By Lydia on October 6, 2008 4:09 PM| | Comments (2)
Well, it had to happen sometime. A couple of weeks back I had a Sunday off. Thus commenced Lydia's BMToGR. Stop #1 was Logan's Alley, that dark-wood paneled cove on Michigan. I must say, I enjoy it more when the clientele is early drinkers, not loud frat-douche types.

Logan's, or at least the bartender on duty, was very proud of its Marys. They go so far as to provide a tiny attendant sidecar of beer, kind of a man-servant to the Lady Mary. Unfortunately, Logan's  drink was less than ideal. Their heavy-handed use of prepared horseradish gave them a chunkiness, and worse, a distracting sweetness.  The quest for the perfect Bloody Mary continues.

I totally agree with your assessment, Lydia. They claim to "have the best"; this claim dissolves once one tries the rest. Continue your quest, I look forward to the next!

Just out of curiosity, what kind of Bloody Mary Mix do you prefer; Zing Zang, Col. Peter's, or something else?

I know mixes of any sort are cheating, but I feel Bloody Mary Mix is in a special category. I mean, if I had the patience and temperament to make them from scratch I wouldn't really need one, would I?