Bloody Mary Tour Stop #4 and 5
By Lydia on October 23, 2008 11:29 AM| | Comments (5)
Graydon's Crossing

I expected big things from Graydon's, the faux-English public house on Plainfield and Leonard. Dark-wooded and festooned with rally towels, this is the place that gives you a bible sized menu as though it just came down from Sinai. So it was with anticipation that I watched the barkeep assemble bottles of variously colored goo. Worcestershire, tabasco, dill sauce, horseradish, pepper, "spice," vodka, and tomato juice all went into a 12 oz glass. Mistake #1: not using a pint glass. Too many ingredients tied together with tomato juice makes for a thin Mary, especially when most of the glass is full of vodka and ice. Although maybe the most "authentic" of the bunch, this drink had no balance, was watery and bitter, and I honestly had to force myself to finish it. I will never, ever, order a bloody mary here again. Also, at $5.50 this drink should have been primo. It was the worst bloody mary I have had yet on the Tour.

Monarch Club

Thank god for the West Side, which has been soundly trouncing the East. The Monarch Club has become one of my favorite bars by virtue of its consistently non-obnoxious vibe, cheap drinks, and some of the best bar decor in GR. Think nice big windows, white tile, high ceilings, and wooden booths, but with a glaze of Stocking Street honesty.

Monarch Club marys start with a pint glass (good) and continue with vodka, dill sauce (which makes me immediately suspicious,) spice mixture, Major Peters mix, and agnostura(!) This may be the most different set of ingredients yet. For one, Major Peters is certainly not an oft-used mixer, but it suffices. Use of bitters has also been uncommon, but welcome here, as our bartender used a light hand. This bloody mary had a creeping spiciness that I liked, and it had a very good body and balance. Please, just lay off the dill sauce, people!

hi! the first & best bloody mary i ever had was at cambridge house on a sunday which, at least back then, was service industry discount day/afternoon... you should try it out, and see if it still is any good.... or if it ever was.

Thanks for the tip! Cambridge House is for sure on the list. Problem is that I can't hit more than one or two outlying bars and still drive home... More to come!

i second cambridge house. another very crucial part to a good bloody mary. is a side car of cheap beer. jd reardons also had a good bm.

"Thank god for the West Side, which has been soundly trouncing the East."

Ha-ha! Yes, yes.

i do love a sidecar, however, for the purposes of this analysis I am counting it as a bonus, not an essential. i mean, you can always get one on the side, even if it is not automatic.

west side fan, Mr. Bagginz?