Mixed Business
By Lydia on October 22, 2008 11:08 AM| | Comments (6)
Soy Curry 101

Many thanks to Dustin for his help this week in my first foray into tempeh. Yes, I admit it. I had never cooked the stuff before last Thursday. I love the stuff I eat, but I had never had any idea how to make it into delicious Tesh Lou-esque curry. Luckily, Dustin once brought me a container of soy curry at the bar (I was drunk and hungry and I still count it as the best thing the internet has ever done for me) so I called him up and begged for info. The notes I took looked a bit ee cummings:

TVP     or ground tempe?
saute onion can tomato
                               paste/       tvp water (cup?)
          -spices         curry cumin
                                         cardamom          pepper

                 simmer + add tvp
1/2 can chickpeas

                              ground sunflower seeds
                                          or sesame seeds

Thanks again Dustin! It was delish!

Beer School For Ladies

I went with San Chez friends SarahMunoz and Roanna to the HopCat's Pussycat Beer Guild last night. I was pretty aprehensive coming into a group of lady-friends like this, but they didn't make us feel intruding. It was kind of rowdy, a little loud with talking over the music, and there were 10 or 12 women sitting around smoking and drinking beer. There were the three of us Chez employees, three ladies from Founders, and 6 or 7 others who I didn't know. There was not much general discussion, mostly small groups talking about whatever, until a HopCat employee came over with  four unlabeled beers. Word was an absent member named Rachel has brewed a great cream stout and dropped it off for us to try. Sample glasses were passed about and comments bandied about. The verdict was excellent. Later, after some people had left, a woman named Stacy Faba sent down to the bar for some beers she had brought from her store in Lowell. There was a raspberry beer that put Framboise to shame, and an even more wonderful cherry brew from a tiny brewery in Wisconsin  called New Glarus. The beer is called "Wisconsin Belgian Red" and it is not available in Michigan. The bottle we were drinking was a little bit of contraband, and I loved it . Thanks again to Stacy. If you find yourself north east of the city stop by her store, Pauly's, at 11250 East Fulton.

Pussycat Beer Guild meets in the HopCat smoking lounge the third Tuesday of every month.

lowell is east, not north

good call friend! I must have been thinking of Rockford.

Wisconsin Belgian Red is nectar!

I've liked everything I've ever tried from New Glarus Brewing Company...

but where did you get it??? wisconsin? or is there a special place to buy nearby???

I would kill for soy curry right now. Arrrghhhhhh.

Sorry, I don't mean to tease!

I've tasted New Glarus stuff when a cheesehead friend of mine visits home and brings back a stash...I've had it at various beer fests also...

I think you used to be able to get it in Chicago but I know they now don't distribute outside Wisconsin at all...