Weekend from Hell
By Lydia on April 22, 2009 11:02 AM| | Comments (6)
Goodness, its been a rough few days. Record Store Day went over very well, thanks to all of you who came and helped. I got some lovely albums myself: Serge Gainsbourg reissue, Pavement reissue, new Mirah record, a lovely one by Marissa Nadler. I did not, however, get to avail myself of all the sweet used stuff, as I was too busy working, sigh. The food from Brick Road was very nice, may I say what a surprise those vegan wings were! Herm said they looked gross, but I had some, and they had a crunch and a texture, and were spiced nicely. Fennel seed?

In other news, blue cheese fritters continue to sell, and sangria has gone up 55 cents a pitcher. The Lydia Clowney Whine Index remains at normal levels following upswings last weekend, and all burns and injuries are healing.

Ive been making these lovely little chickpea flour pancakes filled with leftovers. They are especially good if, like me, you don't care for sweet breakfast, but are equally good for late-night post-bar snacks. You can use all the crazy-stupid ingredient combinations you would never dare to use for a whole dish, and they are So Easy.

1 cup flour (usually half and half chickpea/white)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup water
salt and pepper

and- some stuff to mix in it! I have tried leftover salmon with corn and cilantro, chopped anchovies with parsely and kalamata olives, leftover potatoes from breakfast with garlic, its always good!

to cook, pour some batter onto an oiled nonstick skillet and cook for a couple of minutes, turn and cook a couple more. The cakes should be fairly thick, so you need 5-6 minutes total, and you need to oil the pan to get the outside nicely crisp. I like to eat them with hot sauce and plain yogurt.

These are also nice because the addition of chickpea flour makes them keep you full for longer than your typical carbohydrate lunch, which is great if you have to go sling somebody's marketing plan to hungry diners. 

marissa nadler= mazzy star?

god i love those blue cheese fritters.
i like savory breakfast too! huzzah!

god i love those blue cheese fritters.
i like savory breakfast too! huzzah!

I'll say this about the BCF: when it gets so busy that you can't eat for 4 hours and are starting to shake, one of those things will perk you right up. Its like you just ate a full meal's worth of energy in one bite. Follow it up with a glass of Coke and you're ready for another 6 hours of work.

Tried your breakfast pancakes this am - yum. Though chickpea flower proved unavailable, I found both filafil mix and hummus mix at the coop, and tried filafil. Reminds me of the disastrous Frittata di Spaghetti.

Id say falafel mix is probs. very similar. Were they good?? I loved your spaghetti fritata, you should really send me the recipe so I can post it!