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October 28, 2006

portrait day in the studio

while i got some good ones for my senior project, i also got a lot of other ones that were pretty great.

richard richard and kara richard and kara richard me and mama steve, kara, kathryn kara digs minerals kathryn and kara

the whole set can be found here, on my flickr account.

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October 27, 2006

midwest, what what?

USAS midwest regional conference. saturday night.

midwest, what what?

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October 26, 2006

campus compact

i really just can't bring myself to do my homework that's due in an hour and a half. it's really terrible. ever since i found out that the portfolio is going to be two thirds of our grade, i can't convince myself to do any of the other, minor work.

well, i have two americorps positions in the works. one in denver, and one in raleigh. i've interviewed for the denver one, but haven't heard back, and i haven't had a real interview yet for raleigh, but i've had two nice informal chats with people about the position.

denver would be with mile high youth corps, doing a lot of community work, ecological restoration, and so on. pros: denver is a really neat city, and my friend kendall lives there. cons: manual labor, and not much money to live on.

raleigh is a position with north carolina campus compact, which is an organization that works on college campuses to involve students in the communities. planning break trips, service learning, conferences, scholarships, and so on. the title is something like "director of community involvement", and i would report to the dean of students. pros: amazing job, living stipend and housing stipend. cons: i've never heard much cool stuff about raleigh.

so it really comes down to city versus job. two months ago i would have said that i wanted the seattle position, hands down. two weeks ago i would have said denver, no question. now... i'm leaning towards raleigh. which is funny, because i've had my heart set on the west coast for so long. now i might be going east coast instead.

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October 20, 2006

bathroom and camera

we're getting a new "tub unit". i think it just means the lining on the walls and seal around the tub. this is what our bathroom looked like when i left for class this morning. yikes!

our bathroom

then when i got home, i had a package waiting for me. one of those plastic bags from the post office that says, "we found this somewhere in the mail. oops."


it was supposed to get here at the beginning of the summer but never did, so the people i bought it from sent me another, which i have now and works fine. but... ouch! it hurts just looking at it. poor camera.

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October 13, 2006

top ten anything right now

i liked when we did that in the forum, and i'm feeling pretty satisfied these days, so i want to do another one for right now.

1. listening to carla bruni while riding my bike
2. holga
3. polaroid
4. the unbearable lightness of being [kundera]
5. being ready for thesis midterm review next week
6. fall at the farmer's market
7. crock pot cooking
8. having more books than i can handle
9. the mp3 blog said the gramophone
10. applying for americorps positions in seattle, denver, and NC

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October 11, 2006

autumn holga

holga xpro.

autumn road autumn orchard autumn suburbia autumn leaves autumn dusk

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October 8, 2006


the perfect way to spend a perfect sunday in october.

joel and paul mike and sara paul and leslie heidi, leslie and jake sara mike and paul

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October 6, 2006

lost in the woods

yesterday on the way to school, i thought, "shit, it's really nice out. why didn't i bring my camera?" and so i moped for roughly five seconds, until i realized that the school of comm does, in fact, have cameras for us to borrow and use. so after my meeting with my thesis advisor - which went wonderfully, i have a much better idea of where i'm going with my project - i went to the resource room, took out a 20D, and headed into the woods.

well, i was walking for about an hour when i realized i had no real idea where i was or how to get back. i tried a path that seemed to be going north, so that if nothing else, i would hit lake michigan drive and could follow that back to campus. instead, i somehow ended up on the same path i was on, going the other way. so i shrugged and followed that back out. by this time, i was late for class, so i slid in about ten minutes late.

but i got some neat pictures.

leaves 1 leaves 3 leaves 5 leaves 8 leaves 10 leaves 9

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October 4, 2006

street fair

i went to easttown antiques for the first time on saturday. i don't know why i'd never been, seeing as i love antique stores. i was in there for almost two hours, it was so much fun. the whole weekend was fun, really.

the intersection

bike parking

street fair

easttown antiques


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