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November 28, 2006

three steps to graduation

today i got an email that said, "we reviewed your case and we will apply the custom theme to your records. it will show up on your transcript within a few days." this means they're finally acknowledging that i did my theme abroad, and that's one step closer to graduation.

now i'm just waiting on the results from my WRT 305 test. if they don't get back to me within the next two weeks, i don't know what to do. i need to graduate, guys. step on it.

and then there's my senior project, which is going slowly but surely. i still need to photograph two people, and get the writing from five. the ones i'm putting in the show are ready.

richard katie good kara elise dee cas

a month and a half, and i'm bound for north carolina.

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November 19, 2006


sundays are crazy photo days at this house.

eric jake eric jake eric jake katie jake katie

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dziadzia's house

today i went to wyandotte with my mom and brother to visit with my grandpa. he's our polish half, so we call him dziadzia.


this is the old siding on his garage. it's amazing.

garage one

garage two

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November 14, 2006

bucket heads


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November 12, 2006


i finished off my sketchbook and decided to scan in some pages.

two of a kind

waking life


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November 4, 2006

those are good odds

i had both of my phone interviews for the north carolina americorps positions yesterday. i think they went pretty well, especially the part where the supervisor at catawba told me, "well, we've only had two applicants for the three schools, and you're the stronger candidate." i like those odds.

also: i was having trouble deciding between catawba (cooler school, but in salisbury, a small town) and peace (very small women's presbyterian college in raleigh). however, i have received two signs from the powers that be.

first: my friend told me today that she is going to salisbury, england when she graduates. salisbury and salisbury!

second: catawba college is located on innes street. which is also the name of the street on which i currently reside. not only that, but i looked on google maps, and this is the center of the city of salisbury:

salisbury, nc

i mean, that's just creepy.

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