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November 4, 2006

those are good odds

i had both of my phone interviews for the north carolina americorps positions yesterday. i think they went pretty well, especially the part where the supervisor at catawba told me, "well, we've only had two applicants for the three schools, and you're the stronger candidate." i like those odds.

also: i was having trouble deciding between catawba (cooler school, but in salisbury, a small town) and peace (very small women's presbyterian college in raleigh). however, i have received two signs from the powers that be.

first: my friend told me today that she is going to salisbury, england when she graduates. salisbury and salisbury!

second: catawba college is located on innes street. which is also the name of the street on which i currently reside. not only that, but i looked on google maps, and this is the center of the city of salisbury:

salisbury, nc

i mean, that's just creepy.

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