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December 13, 2006

mayview collective!

when i move down to raleigh, i will living at the mayview collective!

"The Mayview Collective is a housing project aimed at providing affordable communal housing for people committed to social justice. There are 2 units, with 3 bedrooms per unit. Members decide house rules, delegation of tasks, house projects and expenses. Currently members pay a set fee ($325) into a collective bank account to pay rent and utilities. Food is shared and there are shared vehicles."

they have gardens and chickens and composting and a washer and clothesline and dumpster-dived food. i am so ridiculously excited.

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December 8, 2006

thesis reception

the reception was wild. i was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, talking to everyone and accepting compliments graciously and trying to help with the food table. it was a full house, and it went well. everyone was happy. it was exciting.

gallery opening

gallery opening

my models with their pictures

me and my family

maggie and her siblings

senior thesis fall 2006

now all i have left is two exams, a homework assignment, a group project, and to hand in all my materials for thesis.

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December 6, 2006


i was looking for housing on craigslist, and i found a link to something that reminds me a lot of g-rad. it's called ACRe, which stands for "Action for Community in Raleigh". they have a space where people meet and hang out or fix bikes or cook or do other things. they're a little more activism-oreinted, which is awesome, but overall it seems like a really similar concept to this community. which is cool, because g-rad is one of the things i'm going to miss the most when i leave.

that, and philosophy club. oh, and living so close to martha's.

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December 3, 2006

senior thesis part 2

the rest of my images for thesis, except one because i don't remember where i saved it after i scanned it.










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December 2, 2006

senior thesis exhibition

it took us ten hours yesterday, but the show is up. and it looks damn good.

it's so strange. for the past couple years, i've been waiting for this. every semester i go to the show and say, "this will be me in a couple years. this will be me next year. this will be me next semester." and yesterday, standing in the gallery with my work up on the wall, i just thought, "wow. this is it. it's happening now."

it's been four and half years coming!


maggie and jenna

power tools


maggie and me


consumer fashion

camera time


three dimensional


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