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January 27, 2007


i know that no one reads my posts, just looks at the pictures, but i figured i'd update anyway. despite the lack of images.

i flew to atlanta on tuesday for my VISTA training and got back to raleigh last night. it was a pretty good time. most of the stuff wasn't applicable to my job, so i spent a lot of time doodling, daydreaming, and attempting to jump paper frogs into my tablemates' water glasses. but i learned a lot about the organization, met good people, had fun, ate delicious catered food, and got a taste of atlanta's nightlife - and it was all on the government's dime. (well, all except the nightlife.)

it's good to be home, though. i missed this house.

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January 20, 2007

out of shape

despite my daily biking in the fall, the past two bike-less months have left me unable to ride up a small hill without wanting to pass out. lame, emily, lame. i hate hills anyway. it's not like grand rapids where i can just avoid the one big hill. every street here is like a roller coaster, albeit a rather pathetic one, like the kids' ones at michigan's adventure.

and all this could have been avoided if only i'd known that on the left pedal, directions for loosening and tightening are reversed. i could have fixed it back in november and would still be a biking machine.

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January 3, 2007

it's finally hitting me, that i'm really leaving. a week from now, i'll be moved into my new house. i started packing up my room today. the pictures, the knick knacks, the things that really make it my room, a lot of them are gone. it feels empty, even though it's still full by most standards. tomorrow night, i'm going to 80's night at drink for the last time. friday i'm seeing my high school friends. saturday is my going away party, sunday is 80's night at billy's, and monday is my last night here. tuesday, my dad is coming to pick up the things i won't be taking with me. and tuesday evening, oliver and i are packing up the car and truck and leaving.

i also just watched a scanner darkly, which is one of the most fucked up movies i've ever seen, but also one of the most amazing. i read a review not too long ago that said it wasn't that great, but i have to disagree. i feel crazy after watching it, in a good way.

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