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March 28, 2007

old photos

i got a scanner today. so i decided to scan in some old negatives that i didn't have on the computer yet.

this is one of my favorites i've ever taken. i've been meaning to scan it for almost three years.

thrift store chairs

i never even printed the rest of these. but now that i look at them, i like them a lot.

thrift store chairs

sewing machine

thrift store lamps

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March 20, 2007

two projects complete

i finished two of my big projects this weekend - the shutters, and my bike.


new bike

the shutters took longer than expected because some of them (the red and yellow, mainly) needed about three coats. and it was pretty hard to get them back on the house. but i'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, it gives the house some much-needed pizzazz.

as for the bike, i put the brake and derailer cables in about a month ago, so it was rideable. but this weekend i fixed the gear shift (it was loose, and jumping gears, so it was stuck on the hardest) and wrapped the handlebars. i'm excited about riding it more often now, although i'm still not up to the challenge of riding it to work. there are way too many hills. but i can ride it to the library, the bar, and the coffeeshop, so that's good enough for me.

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March 12, 2007

spring break, MS and DC

for spring break, another vista and i did a joint trip to biloxi and gulfport (mississippi) for katrina cleanup. we took thirteen students from meredith and peace, and were there for four days - plus one day of driving each way. it was a lot of work, but a really good experience. i was amazed at how much the aftermath of the storm had politicized otherwise apathetic people. we met a lot of people and heard a lot of stories. it still looks like a war zone down there, and probably won't be back to "normal" for ten or twenty years. so i'm glad that we could do a little bit to help out.

sunrise, day 1

deaf center project

storm debris

what remained

mirrors and floor

sylvia and pat

house and tools

truck and sky

turkish blessing

sea and gulls

gulf coast

friday, after being in the car for thirteen hours, we got back to raleigh. i was home for about half an hour before getting back in the car and driving five hours to dc. about 20 of us went from raleigh for ncor, the national conference on organized resistance. it was almost ridiculously wonderful. i went to workshops on animal rights, radical sustainability, anarchism and pacifism, living in intentional communities, accountability, anarchist economics and worker-owned co-ops, and guerrilla poetry. i learned so much my brain hurt, i met amazing people, i slept on a church floor, had amazing food and food fights. i can't wait to go again next year.


moshe and jill

we named this one "zebandra"


radical raleigh!

lunch circle, day 1

moshe and gavin

wes and gavin

NCOR, day 1

hula girls

hula jill

geri and moshe

gavin and jill


raleigh kids, day 2. we're getting tired.

lunch circle, day 2

and gavin is still insane.

brad and gavin

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