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April 13, 2007

really really free market

last weekend was pretty damn sweet.

on friday i went to a barbecue at the flint house (ACRe's male-dominated, drunk counterpart) and then walked downtown with those kids to go to some cool gallery openings.

saturday, i went to the really really free market in carrboro. i got rid of some extra stuff i had laying around, and came back with a box of green pepper plants and some good zines. we went to the weaver street market for dinner, and browsed the internationalist, carrboro's infoshop.

i woke up early on sunday to help geri and attila do a presentation about ACRe at the quaker meeting. it was cool, they seemed really receptive to what we're doing here, and a couple of them want to get involved. then geri's parents took us out to brunch at the irregardless cafe, which was delicious.

these are from saturday, at the RRFM.

free zines

free friends

free sky

free seats

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