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June 14, 2007

a good weekend to be home

i didn't realize until i got into town that this saturday is the bizarre bazaar, and the earthworks festival. i'm excited. i've already eaten at gaia and pita house (i have yet to find anywhere in the world with comparable falafel) and little africa is in my near future. even though grand rapids loves its drama, it's still good to be back.

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June 10, 2007

next stop, asheville

i went to asheville this weekend and had a fucking rad time. met so many amazing people, hung out with old friends, had a blast. i love that city so much. i think i'm going to move there when i'm done with my year of americorps.

and even if i can't find a decent job there, the vista position at warren wilson will be available next july. so i could just do another year of americorps... except instead of a tiny women's school in raleigh, i could do it at the most badass hippie college in the south.

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