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March 4, 2008

moving to asheville.

my dreams have finally been fulfilled: i'm moving to asheville!

a month ago, a friend and i found the perfect apartment. three bedrooms, hardwood floors, clawfoot tub, gas stove, front porch and back balcony that span the entire house, with the most amazing view of the mountains. the top floor of an almost-all female punk house where three of our friends live downstairs, right on the edge of downtown, with an empty lot next door turned into an enormous garden. we found a third person to live with us, who was moving down from new york, and we were ready.

then it was taken by some women who had looked at it before, and we were heartbroken.

but while i was out there this past week, we found out that the women had backed out, because it's not done being remodeled yet, and they needed somewhere to live immediately. the original friend who had planned on moving in had already found a place, but i took rae (the new yorker) to look at it. she loved it, so we signed a lease and paid the deposit. but we still needed to find a third person.

the next night, i went bowling with one of the women who lives in the lower level of the house, and met her friend courtney. the first thing she said when i got in the car was, "so, i hear you might need a roommate?" she turned out to be absolutely wonderful, an anarcha-feminist vegan who loves to cook and is super pumped about our idea to have a weekly craft night. we talked to her for a while, and told her: definitely. you can move in.

so over the course of 36 hours, everything came together perfectly. we got the apartment and then found a wonderful housemate to join us. the apartment will be ready sometime in the beginning of april, and we all have places to stay until then.

we're going to put a little table on the back balcony, the one with the view of the mountains, where we can sit with our typewriters (we all have one), drinking tea and smoking cigarettes. we're going to have a housewarming tea party with vegan finger sandwiches and mini vegan cupcakes when we move in.

i'm finally moving to asheville, the only city i've ever been to where i knew immediately: this is home. i belong here.

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