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July 31, 2005

rudy and ida

Ben and I were ready to move into an apartment this past week, the only thing was- the landlord didn't want cats.

So, we thought we might be able to find a place for ben's little girls to stay...to no avail.

We decided yesterday that we liked rudy and ida better than the apartment and we're going to tell them we don't want to sign a lease anymore.

Today I saw rudy and ida again, thank god we didn't give them away...they're so good.

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July 22, 2005

The Grapevine

Last night Emily and I made a much too long delayed visit to our former place of work, "Gibsons Restuarant".

I worked in The Grapevine section as a bus girl, then waitress and hostess, for about 4 years starting when I was fifteen.

The Restaurant is currently family owned, but recently reluctantly sold the building to the capitalists the "Gilmore Group" who plan to change the "historical mansion" into a 'family oriented' dining experience.

The same folks still work there and it hasn't changed much. It was nice to chat at the bar with all of them again. I plan to go there again on Saturday July 30th for their last day as 'Gibson's Restaurant'. I encourage everyone to stop in and support this hardworking family and the end of a great restaurant. There's also supposed to be wine etc. for sale much below the normal cost!

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July 20, 2005

I Quit!

I left this morning at 10am for Grand Rapids for good.I quit the Charlevoix 'scullary maid' job. I'll be around if anyone wants to hangout. I start my schoolyear job on Monday I think.

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July 16, 2005

Manor House

Ben, the other cook Ed, and I have been watching the PBS series "Manor House" each night in an attempt to soothe our despair with the work at this place.

The series is a British reality show where 21st century people are transported to this huge manor house and must transform every detail of their lives according to the social expectations of Edwardian Era. It is full of hierarchy, regulations, and long hours and is often hillarious.

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July 7, 2005

Back in GR and then on to Indiana and then back to...

Ben and I have been back in GR for two days. What a relief! GR has turned into a big city while we were gone, or maybe Charlevoix has been too small. I was about to quit last weekend. Its still up in the air.

Tomorrow morning Ben and I are leaving for Indiana for a wedding...then after that back to Charlevoix...again.

We watched a Japanese movie on a big projection screen down in the park tonight with about 40 people or so - couldn't tell who they were though, it was too dark.

I need an apartment in GR for August. My lease is up August 1st. A studio or one bdroom for cheap.

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