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October 20, 2005

the bird flew

I'm not trying to freak everyone out- besides the media has already done that...so here's a couple of links to educate yourselves on bird flu ...and hopefully relieve some paranoia.


(click on the english pdf)

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October 18, 2005

how low can you go

Bush's approval ratings hit a new all time low last week in America...the change came from independents and democrats, believe it or not; his republican base is still standing strong in support of his mis-leadership. Yet, it doesn't really seem like Americans are up in arms, throwing fits over the state of the presidency...with Libby and DeLay (and maybe Cheney) under investigation, the ongoing Katrina disaster, high gas prices, faulty voting in Iraq, flooding in the NE United States,and on and on...have we become completely complacent?

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October 2, 2005


I'm super excited about this show tonight. Lhasa de Sela is one of my favorite musicians right now.

The show starts at 8pm at the UICA and is $12 for non-members, but is well worth it and sure to make for an extrordinary evening.

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