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January 15, 2006


Ben and I and a couple of friends experienced the glory of the West side this past Friday at Kuzzin's lounge. None of us had ever been there before. It was Kareoke night. We were serenaded by some of the worst voices I have ever heard- along with some of the worst song selections. At one point this guy who seemed to have some anger issues sang "I'm gonna kill you with the gun in my back pocket" and later we witnessed an amusing catfight on the dance floor. Ben played pool on the players table with the mustache (that neglected to shave in order to fit in a Kuzzin's) and cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. Gotta love the West side.

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January 8, 2006

The League is back in town

Above: Carrie Chapman Catt

Carrie Chapman Catt founded the League back in 1920 during the Suffrage movement.

The League of Women Voters is re-opening a chapter here in GR.
The League has evolved since then, but still embodies an important movement for equality today.

They are having their first meeting this Thurs. the 12th at United Way.

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