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June 27, 2006

political power

I've been enjoying my break since May and finally starting to feel like I need a real job again. ha. because I'm broke.
I'm trying to get a job working on Senator Stabenow's campaign. I never thought I would want to get involved with politics, being relatively ignorant about most of the workings of my own nation's government, as I imagine many Americans are. I think alot of you could relate with a certain amount of dissalusionment and distrust in our government to begin with- the thought of working within that system feels icky.
But, I think underneath all of that I do have an inkling of belief that our government makes a difference, that I could have the power to change something within that system for the betterment of Grand Rapids, or Michigan, or the nation- no matter how imperfect the system is. I've come to remember that power is not only in the government, but in our own will to make a difference. Working my tail off for what I believe in. Thats political power.

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