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July 16, 2006

lazy recycling

Ben and I made it back from Montreal yesterday, after making a pitstop in Hamilton, Ontario to visit my Aunt and Uncle.
While we were there, we learned how far behind the U.S. really is with the environmental thing.
It was unbelievable, they had government paid for compost pick up (every week) in which they could throw soiled pizza boxes, oils, eggs, meats, and all the other things that attract critters to your typical backyard compost pile. The composted scraps can then be bought and used once they have decomposed into soil for your garden.
They also didn't have to pay for any curb side recycling which they also have at their schools, offices etc. They even said that if they put out a bag of garbage that is mostly paper, the pick up wont take it and will tell them to recycle it. They couldn't believe that not everyone in GR recycles, or that many of our offices downtown don't bother to recycle the enormous amount of paper they go through daily. I believe they also can get large items (couches etc.) picked up for free on certain days. I am starting to not believe how lazy we are about this and feel like we should do something a about it locally. Here's their city pickup info.

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