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December 29, 2006

chicago 2

So the new year is just around the corner...its still about 40 degrees in Chicago...no blizzards yet. My new year's resolution is to stop stuffing myself with food and sweets...which I have been doing since Thanksgiving (what a typical resolution, huh). Ben's is to quit smoking- which I am happy to be able to say I have successfully quit for about 2 1/2 months now. Neither of us have been full fledged smokers in a while though, so its a good time to give it up.

Still working at the chocolate place...and still don't know my way around for the most part. I told Ben today that I am going to plaster a big Chicago map on the bedroom wall so that I can memorize it.

We saw a pink VW Bug yesterday that was a pig and was oinking out holiday music- not sure why...

Matty and Ben O. (Ben's buddies) are coming over tonight, so we'll probably go out with them. Then, for New Year's the transit is free (Ben insists its a penny a ride), so we plan on party hopping, being drunk on the train and bus,hopefully with Rowley and Michelle and some other folks.

We went to Ikea earlier in the week, which was a huge mistake. The place is fucking enormous, and way visual overload/chaotic. The floor also shakes, and we were getting kind of motion sickness. We hit a massive traffic jam on the way home to top it off. I am never shopping at Ikea again. We did pick up a coffee table, a coat rack, and a dresser for Ben. So, our apartment is lookin pretty snazzy.

That's it for now.

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December 10, 2006

week 1

So I survived my first week living in Chicago. I have been meaning to call/email alot of people and tell them how things are going, but haven't had enough time to get out everything that I would want to say to each person...maybe this is an easier way to do that.

Ben and I went on a cleaning spree last night and sorted through all of his cd's (see forum to buy the ones he's getting rid of). It looks really nice in the living/dining room now. We created kind of a work space in the 'dining room' area...with supplies along the window ledge, so you can sit and listen to music while working.

I started at the chocolate place this past Monday, after getting into town on Sunday afternoon. So, I didn't get settled until mid/end of the week. I have been taking the train/bus to and from work, which is hard to get used to doing by myself, especially since it gets dark here around 4pm. It's about a 40 min ride to work, but it goes pretty fast if I bring something to read.

I met a couple of cool people the other night when Ben and I went out for dinner. A woman from his program was having sort of a birthday dinner at this Thai/Sushi place called Butterfly, with about 25 people. Everyone brought wine or beer since it was BYOB, and we all had a good time. Afterwards we went to a party that was way too far out of the way and ended up cutting out pretty soon after we got there and coming home. I could tell the food didn't sit well though, and I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and barfing up Pad Thai. Needless to say, I didn't eat the leftovers.

Tonight, Ben and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine at this old theatre in a predominately Latino area just west of Logan Square. It cost $3 each and we sat in a small theatre with about 15 other people who came to see the movie. It was a good laugh. I'm glad I saw it. We walked home, and everyone had their Christmas lights on in their big huge old houses along the boulevard.

It doesn't quite feel like I live here yet. It still feels like I'm visiting or something. And I still haven't really come down from my job at the clinic in GR. I think it will finally hit me when I go back to GR for xmas around the 22nd. Before then, I will turn 24 on 12/12.

So far, I haven't quite figured out if I like Chicago better than GR. They both have their good and bad things. Chicago has bike lanes and mass transit, GR is cleaner and you can return your cans for money....things like that. I'll let you know when I figure out which is more worth it.

I did go for my first bike ride in Chicago yesterday. It was pretty scary. I had no idea where we were going and I was riding a one speed with only a front break...which I have never done. We were going so fast, and it was so cold out. It also didn't help that the bike was too high up for me and riding up my crotch....pretty exhilarating.

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