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June 30, 2007

lets get all knocked up n'shit

if you haven't gone to the theater to see 'knocked up' yet, don't bother- at least wait til its out on video if you have to see it. i saw it with a couple of friends for $10 a few weeks ago and it wasn't worth the money.

i went into it with some skepticism, i mean lets face it - its called 'knocked up' of all things, but i was curious to see if the director realized how despicable the title is...

so needless to say i hated the basis of it, i mean the movie bothered me for like a whole week after i saw it. i did laugh out loud during several scenes, but i could not relate with the men in the audience who went into roars of laughter every time someone sad vagina in a clever sentence while taking a bong hit...then i read this article that hits the nail on the head: Article

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