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February 19, 2009

MI Arts

From email written by Melissa Metuscak...
Go to link mid-page to take action.

Hi all -

I know this is tough times in the country and in Michigan especially,
but as an arts worker and supporter, please take a look and take a
moment to contact the governor. I know many of you have moved away,
but you have friends and family in Michigan...so please pass this onto
them! And if you have questions, please let me know.

Arts funding in Michigan is getting screwed. The Governor has
recommended that nearly ALL grant funding for arts organizations get
pulled from the budget next year. Michigan is already dead last in the
amount of state support given to the arts, with around $7.5 million in
grants given out last year to museums, theaters, orchestras, etc...all
non-profit organizations by the way. The Governor did this after
numerous promises to not touch arts funding. The Governor has gone
back on her word (I know, a politician going back on their

This is going to have a lot of ripple effects, beyond your local artsy
fartsy film house cutting back or closing down. THIS IS ABOUT REAL
JOBS. For starters, this cut in support shows that the state does not
value jobs in the arts. This cut in funding is going to cost people
their jobs as many small non-profits rely on this funding to stay
alive and hire people. So the electricians, ticket takers, janitors,
web designers and every other job that goes along with producing,
exhibiting and promoting the arts will be affected (see below for
statistics). This is not to mention artists directly being affected as
venues close and they lose places to practice their profession. Think
about how this will affect the perception of our state to potential
companies and residents if the arts start to disappear from our
communities. It's not going to be pretty, I guarantee you that.

So off my soap box. If you live in Michigan or know anyone who does,
please tell them to do some complaining to the Governor's office ASAP.
It's SO easy to do with newfangled lobbying technology so all they/you
have to do is click on this link:

http://capwiz.com/artsusa/mi/issues/ale ... d=12673381

Feel free to add in your own comments, but this is about quantity, the
more response Granholm gets the more likely she is to actually pay


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