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January 17, 2006

Holy Crap! NO THINGS (x-liars) at the DAAC

I just confirmed this show for Monday April 10.
It's the old drummer and Bass player from the LIARS.
I thought the bass playing was what made that first liars album
so damn good, and this is the guy!
The second one was still good, but i missed that bass.
KNIFE SKILLS is on tour with them, who sound really good as well.

No Things (x-Liars) [mp3]
Knife Skills (5RC) [mp3]

Here's some more info:
New York trio NO THINGS fuse psychedelic nuclear rhythms and
apocalyptic dirges into arresting songs reminiscent of Swans and Dog
Faced Hermans. Singer Christian Dautresme's (Chicago's HiM) biting
delivery is underscored by his acrid guitar melodies, while bassist
Pat Noecker (ex-Liars) and drummer Ron Albertson (ex-Liars) provide
the menacing sounds that go bump and thump in the dark. Since forming
in 2004, the band has recorded two singles and an upcoming full-length
recorded in London, and has toured throughout the U.S. and England,
and played shows with notables like THE MAE SHI, SAXON SHORE, and
countless others.

KNIFE SKILLS are the latest signing to the fabled 5RC label (Deerhoof,
Xiu Xiu, Hella), and are bringing their brand of fiery rock around the
country in anticipation of their upcoming full length. Terre T of WFMU
speaks highly of the band: "Knife Skills hail from Brooklyn New York
but play the kind of dissonant smart rock you might expect from DC!
This gal-led trio..plays rock that calls to mind Slant 6, Erase
Errata, and even Sleater-Kinney!" They've played shows with THE
NATIONAL, PIT ER PAT, and MENOMENA, to name a few.

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January 10, 2006


Friction is back with Lumberjack Distribution, and two of our cds are on their top online sellers list! (Spit For Athena & If He Dies He Dies). That kicks ass.

This is what they carry. If you have been thinking about buying any of these records and haven't yet, please buy them here. It just helps to grease the system. They will carry more of our stuff, making it easier for stores everywhere to get our music.

Some people have said that they prefer to buy cds directly from the bands, which is great, but i think it actually may benefit the band more to buy through distros.

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January 9, 2006

High Fives from Skirmie!

Art by JVB

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January 7, 2006

Robot Doing The Robot

Art by JVB

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January 4, 2006

Man At Arms review

MAN AT ARMS Being And Commerce - Friction records 2005
This bludgeoning raw amalgam of noise, rock and noise rock is made by only two mortal men. I heard Courtesy call on a free comp and lost my mind. I was immediately reminded of Destro1, Grand Island, Giddy Motors, Astoveboat, and Shotmaker and other strong bands in the genre. But uniquely Man At arms is only two guys. Well two very angry guys who appear to be very depressed and also secret geniuses of the lost dystopian lyrical form. Allow me to quote: ³Here is a mint for you pillow, Here is a cake for your urinal, a blanket for your burial. This is a courtesy call for nothing at all² There is not a millisecond of melody on this record. Each digital bit on the CD includes only feedback, pounding rhythm and the bitterest wailing of suffering. I¹ve met producers who spend their lives in the studio trying to clean up each guitar note, moving baffles, microphones, changing cables, and the like. These guys are pros trying to take that click of a guitar pick on the string out of the note and leave only perfect tone and sustain. Man At Arms is trying to remove the note and leave only the atonal texture, impact and vicious intention of the string behind to stalk and eventually kill you while you are asleep and defenseless. I have a great respect for that. Fuck you America. This is what you should be listening to.
By JOSE FRITZ from strandedinstereo.com

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