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April 24, 2004

hi ho stranger


i am preparing for the party tomarrow.

it will be fun, so i hope you all attend.

also, i am dissapointed that i didn't do a better job on those chopsticks. i wish i had photoshop at home, cause then i could touch them up. i wonder if all the little graphics i worked on the other day are as poor as the chopsticks. well, we shall have to see.


it looks like i have a lot of work to do on them.

so... i am very dissapointed in my phone

it doesn't want to allow conversations longer than

10 minutes. that is very bad news for me because

i have two very dear freinds in Seattle whom i

adore and especially like to talk to late at night

and when i am intoxicated. well, goodnight.

hi ho.

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April 23, 2004

second entry


this is what chopsticks look like.

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wow. so i think this is my first entry.

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