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May 31, 2004

concerning eggplant

ok.. so i finally made my way back to the lab. phew... im exhausted. i learned my colors today, but more importantly, spent the whole day in a really cool house in the mountains. so... i took some pictures. my camera isn't that good, but... it works and is 4 megapixels so i am happy enough. its just the auto exposure has much to be desired. anyhow, some of the pictures are from tai da's nightmarket... others are from the mountain and yes... that is a rainbow over taipei 101. i am just going to post and go to bed. no wait. i am going to go get a can of taiwan beer and something deepfried at the shi da night market first though. yup... sounds good to me. oh yes... i didn' know everyone was so fond of rocketboy over here. son't they remember how rascist against the chinese he was in the 50's? anyhow... maybe i will try to find some examples. also, blackface?

anyhow.. here are the pictures. goodnight.

ok... that last one was the building im staying in. you can't see my window, its the furthest up on the left. also, lunch today came packed in bamboo poles. we only had to crack them open and spoon them into our mouths with the broken peices. it was great. also, i am now officially scared of catipillars. our new friend told us how they once nearly killed him. aparrantly their are kinds in taiwan that spit poison. also, wasps the size of golf balls that can kill you in 4 bites. ha. as if wasps were not scary enough.

ok.. good night now.

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May 30, 2004

oh boy. i saw this

oh boy. i saw this and got really excited. it was only 1,500 NTD!!! thats like 50$!!!

then i saw this...

it took me a few moments to figuer out how they got a whole moped into such a small box. anyhow... i found another one for 3,000NTD. on taiwanese ebay. I am going to show my proffesor and ask him to help me email the seller. anyhow, its less than a hundred bucks... and its cool enough that i would pee my pants if i got to own it. hee hee. i can't wait to get a moped.

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i figuered out why my camera was taking such fuzzy pictures. i had not noticed a little switch on the side of the camera that changes the focus form macro to micro. so, while i was attempting to take pictures from a normal distance, i had the camera set to focus on objects up really close. that is a relief. i was afraid i had bought a cheap camera. anyhow, ignore those earlier pictures, i will take some new ones. also, i had peking duck last night. it was to die for! today i visited the jade market, the handicapped market, the flower market, and the electronics market. i liked the electronics market the best... naturally. i bought a sodering iron and some switches. i looked everywhere for a USB audio thingie for recording sound, but i couldn't find one. i did, however, completely confuse at least a dozen vendors. also, i found a few ranma 1/2 vcd's, but none with english subtitles.

anyhow, here are some more pictures.

these next three are from my window.

ok, i promise to take much better pictures now. i am so relieved that it really is 4 megapixels. i was convinced that my camera was a complete waste for awhile. ok, tonight i am going to the night market. the big one. i don't know exactly which one that is, but i will find out.


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i just had the most

i just had the most fabulous breakfast, though i couldn't tell you what it is. i think it had blood in it. anyhow, i still can't figuer out why my pictures turn out so bad.

I am now collecting photos of all the stencils and street art i run across.

also, coming soon are neato mopeds.
ok... time to go study some characters.

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May 29, 2004

ok... i am a little


i am a little worried about the quality of my camera. i don't really know any of the specifications because its all in chinese, but the pictures don't really look that great. is that just because i was holding the camera? could it be the lack of good light? could it be that i have jet lag and my eyes are just failing me?

anyhow, if anyone wants to help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. what kind of camera do i want? what should i look out for? i just want a decent picture. no, better than decent picture. i don't care about memory or anything else. but why do all my pictures look out of focus??

anyhow, let me know as soon as you can, hopefully its not to late to take it back. i just want the pictures to look as nice as the one at the top of my website, thats all i am really worried about. so... i guess i will post the specifications as soon as i can translate them. let me know what you think if you konw anything about this sort of stuff.



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home sweet home


i have made it to taipei!!

today i was so excited that i ate breakfast three times!

also, after watching the changes of the guards i bought a little camera. it takes 4 mgsomething pictures, but has very little space stuff for pictures (sorry if my high-tech language confuses you). anyhow, i like it because it is the smallest camera i have ever seen and was less than 90$. i am looking at the manuel and it looks like they had an orange version. that would have been great, but all they had was the blue. oh well. i bought a blue umbrella to match.

oh yes, i am inside playing with my computer because it is pouring rain. that is why the pictures came out so poor. also, i haven't figuered out that you have to hold the camera still yet. so... here are my first three snapshots.

the first two are the veiw from my window in the visiting scholars dorm in shi da. the last one is my new girlfriend. she was expensive but has been treating me very well. i scanned the emergency instructions on the airplane and am currently working on a rather extensive animation using them. it is looking very good so far, i will see if i can give you a little taste of whats to come. ok... i can't find the one i did this morning, so here is what i threw together on the plane. of course i am going to add sound and have her talk, well... im sure you can imagine what i am planning on doing with it.

well... i just wanted to touch base. i am super tired and don't think i can type anymore. i think i am happier than i have ever been in my life. ha. its making me cry just typing this.

i am going to go eat again. i love this place.

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May 25, 2004

hello hello its starting to

hello hello

its starting to get a bit more exciting.

the prospects in Taiwan that is.

ive recieved my money, at last. the check, scholarship, paycheck, birthday presents, ect. ect., i think it will all work out. also, that pimple i got at the party is going away. ha. i do, by the way, address each pimple with respects to how i think i acheived them. the party pimple i got simply from drinking alcohol, staying up late, eating lots of birday cake, and then falling asleep on mary's coach. Curt, Candance, and I shared a couch and told stories till the wee hours. oh shoot, i want to tell so much more about the party, but i am so tired. i have found that it is so much harder to write about important things, cause you want to explain every detail. the result is that i never write about them. i will try again tommarrow. also, the flooding, its not very fun. oh yes.... and footloose... great! however i have been neglecting my medialog as of late. this being because i am exhausted and spending less and less time on the internet. anyhow, its more important that i update it in taiwan.

yes, for those that don't know, thats where i will be on thursday.

also, i love my family.

oh yes.. and my freinds too.

yup... im going to watch 'freaky friday' now.

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May 23, 2004



so... a very happy birthday to sarah mainville of seattle. i wish i could be their to join her on her birthday shananigans. i hope i can get a hold of her on the phone tonight.

so, last night was great. the party at mary's was wonderfull! i want to say more about it but i think i am getting sick so my mother is yelling at me to turn of the computer and get into bed. good idea mom. i don't know what i'd do without her.

wan an.

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i haven't updates in awhile, i have been quite the busy boy. i got my powerbook this week, and i haven't spent a waking moment without it. also, i got the scanner, and spent all day yesterday figuering out why it didn't work. i should really post a picture of the scanner, it very sleek, and it runs directly from the USB port! no AC adapter! i like that. i can scan things in the middle of knowhere.


I made my first scan last night. its is my cat Cloey. In order to prove to my parents that a three thousand dollar computer is really better than a five hundred dollar one, i have composed this small *.gif for their enjoyment.

of course this powerbook is more than just a toy. it is my significant other! plus, why not buy expensive toys when you can make a living playing with them.

on the sadder side...

i saw someone run over a muskrat this morning. i turned around and got out to go help it, its tail was flapping maddly. i figuered it had its foot squished in the ground or something, but no. it was dead. the tail was just going crazy on impulse for a minute or so. i didn't want his/her final burial to be on pavement, so i moved it back into the woods. i could feel its warmth leaving it. it was really weird because it wasn't bleeding anywhere. it was like a big flabby water balloon. as if someone just kneeded it around until the insides got all mixed up. like what you do with an orange before making orange juice.

i had just finished the sandman book with the story about the necropolotians. maybe that had something to do with my sudden reverance for proper burials. their are air burials, water burials, ground burials, and fire burials. Where does that leave roadkill? should we amend that list and add pavement burials? hmm.. pavement. maybe we could dance... maybe we could dance...

so i have spent the last few days feverishly importing as much of my music collection as possible. i almost feel like i shouldn't even be sleeping these next few days.

ok.. breif updates. i got my visa. a 7,000$ dollar scholarship from freeman asia!!!!, had my wallet run over by a lawnmower at grand valley; including the 50 dollars i was going to use to by the mixer with. oh well, the mixer didn't come anyways, they are fresh out at the crate factory. i might still have to buy something to get audio though.

oh yes! does anyone know how to import from dvd's? is there a program i can get that will allow me to read dvd's or copy them? should i just use a dvd player and then run a line out into the laptop? i need some sort of way to get it to the USB port. yikes. their is a lot i need to learn still, film school really hasn't done much to prepare me.

oh yes, the boy raised a girl from canada killed himself last week. more on how this affected me later.

also, i need to really start updating so i don't have these lengthy entries. today is the party, so i have to go start cooking and getting my pirate costume ready. what are you doing for national maritine day. oh boy. i don't even remotetly konw how to spell that word. hm... it appears i don't konw how to spell a lot of words. spell check has softened me up. my mother will probably print a copy of my journal up and then circle all the spelling errors with a red pen. ha. she is great. these last few weeks with my family has been great.

yikes... i really have to go know. i need to shower and put together my pirate outfit. i love the shower at my parents house. it is like a shower/massage/sauna; or maybe i am just to used to the trite pressure of the 422 lafayette abode. anyhow... ciao.

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May 15, 2004

soooooo... yesterday i had a


yesterday i had a fine time. i am tipsy, so i will tell you about it tommarow.
oh, what do you iknow. today i had a fine time aswell! But lo, i am tipsy. i will tell you about it tommarrow!

honostly though, i really did intend to make a full entry this evening. i preserved just enough sobriety to turn on my computer and tippety-type a few words, but unfortunatly i was seized on instant messanger and had my last few bytes drained on meager chit chat. oh, woe is me. i love gin & tonic. also, baking soda. baking soda toothpast.


remind me to tell about the part with 7,000$$ . thats a good one.

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May 13, 2004

dry sockets

i just finished 'white'. oh boy... it really helped me appreciate blue, but i think white was nearly twice as good. aesthetically blue was more pleasing, but i felt very intimite with the story in white. i look forward to finishing the series with red tomarrow.

also, if you know anything about 'dry sockets'... let me know. i think i have achieved them.

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i nearly forgot!

i bought a little crate mixer the other day for a hundred bucks, and it should be coming in any day now! (i don't know where im getting the hundred bucks though) anyhow, it has phantom power so i will finally be able to use my condensor mic, two years after buying it. that means i will officially be making music while in taiwan, which comes as a relief. Its nice and tiny so it will fit perfectly in the bottom of my backpack. knowing my luck though, i will find the same mixer for half the price in taiwan. oh well. i am going to be frantically collecting samples before i leave too.

ok. but what i really wanted to share is about blockbuster. it is sooooooo horrible. ok. i knew it would be bad working for blockbuster (even though i got to see fog of war and girlhood before the release date), but it is getting worse everyday. today i was preping new dvd's that we got in, and they all come with a little flyer inside the case now. well, they have been for awhile, but usually its for aol or some blockbuster special. now in all the action films, however, is a insert reading "do your part in the fight against terrorism". following that is a coupon and address and such that you can send your money to in order to support the United States Armed Forces. In return you get a coffee mug and a dvd explaining all the career oppurtunities in the armed forces. i got really sick when i saw this and went through all of the cases and removed them. their were nearly 200 of them! ai! i bet i'll get in trouble if they find them in the trash, but i don't really care. im not renting out dvd's to support the war effort. im renting out dvd's to take my butt out of debt and catch a few episodes of iron chef while im at it. ha. its great. this blockbuster has lost a lot of buisness in the past few years, so after 8 we hardly have any customers. Their is a big direct tv display in the front of the store now advertising their satalitte services. I've learned that if i turn the store television trailor things all the way down, and turn the direct tv up, i can watch the food network during my entire shift! its great! and i don't have to feel bad doing it because, well, blockbuster is horrible. anyhow... i really am just wasting time with this entry.

good bye

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i have finally bought my powerbook!!!

this is a very exciting day for me! the wire transfer was a success, and now it is only a matter of days before i recieve a brand new Apple PowerBook 15" 1.5GHz PowerPC G4/128MB Graphic Memory/1 GB DDR33 SDRAM 1 SO-DIMM/80GB Ultra ATA drive @ 5400 rpm/DVD-r/CD-RW with a Epson Perfection 1670 Photo Scanner.

yum yum. so what if i am now short 3,170 dollars... it is well worth it. shit. thats a lot of money. i should get a job soon. i guess now my greatest concern is finding a way to get all my music onto my computer before taiwan. i will have to get a hold of brett and get those tracks too. I am just planning on being able to find bootleg copies of photoshop, final cut, and proaudio in taiwan. i hope it won't be too much trouble. maybe i should start looking around here first. hmm...

i watched 'girlhood' just a few minutes ago. it made me cry. i am such a sucker. i love Liz Garbus. i met her earlier in the year and she was very nice. i look forward to making documentaries.

oh yes! last night i found a wasp under my covers! yikes! i don't know how it got their, but i accidently squished it with my torso before it could sting me. i swear, it was four inches away from getting stung in a very sensitive area. now i am frightened of my bed. a little. my first night home a large spider tried to crawl into my butt. that got me a little squirmish. my mom promised that has never happened here before, but a week later i find a wasp? it wouldn't have been so bad, but i found another bug in bed with me 20 minutes later! this one was some kind of harmless beetle of sorts, but still a bit creepy. i feel like i should be more worried, i used to have nighmares of finding bugs in my bed.

also, i have brought out all my musical toys and hooked them up to my phone line and have been calling people and singing songs to them. that has made me fell much better. much better than what? i don't know, i haven't been feeling well lately for some reason. i am getting a bit anxious about this trip. i still haven't gotten my visa or the acceptance letter from NTNU. that frightens me.

well, i must get cracking. i wanted to go explore an old abandoned ski lodge today. it will be nice to spend some time alone outdoors today. its pretty and i have been in front of my projector way too much the last several days. its hard when you have a big comfy living room like my parents, and a screen over 14 feet tall! this is easily the largest dimension i have ever used my projector at. i must say it makes for quite the movie watching experience. video games are great on it too... although i am embarresed to say i have been playing them much more often than my medialog suggests.

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May 11, 2004

microwaved clams

i took the long way home from work tonight, at midnight, in order to drop off the 12 movies i had out from the public library. now, i already live a 30 minute drive away from work and 15 minutes from the library. I expeirmented with a way home that would bring me by the library, but got lost and ended up at home 45 minutes later... still with the movies.

hi ho.

so, i get back in my car and head out. right next to the library is an BP and i am hungry so i stop. I use my parents BP card to fill up my tank and grab a cambell soup 'to go' cup of clam chowder. Of course, instead of proceeding to the library i got directly home.

again, i get back in my car and head to library. on the way i pass a wendys. since the horrible after taste of clams is lingering in my 'recently de-wisdomteethed' mouth, i decide to stop and get a frosty. Also, i call my dear friend sarah in seattle and recount my story to her. However, while recounting this story to sarah that once again i am headed in the wrong direction. needless to say, i don't get home till after 2:00.

hmmm... is that mary-kate olsen hanging out with harry potter?

or could that possibly be hermine? is that how you spell her name? or do i just have the band 'hermine' on my mind? that could very well be the case considering i have had one of their albums playing in the car for over a week now. i should konw how to spell her name though, i took on 'the prisoner of azkaban' two semesters ago. thats the kind of stuff you do in college if you are cool like me. i am currently working on building my second major, a liberal arts curriculum entitled 'children, literature, and east asia'. actually, thats a working title. i don't even know if i have to title it.

hi ho.

oh yeah! something wierd happened. sarah and i both realized that we were watching 'blue' at the exact same time last night! accounting for the three hour time difference. thats pretty spooky huh.

also, i apologize for the quality of the story, but i am pooped and it is after three now. i was going to update my medialog, but i am too tired.


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May 10, 2004

to all my babies mommies

happy mothers day. belated i guess.

i had my wisdom teeth removed friday,
so if my spelling sucks, thats why.
it is late and i don't have much time to type,
so i will paraphrase...

i finally remembered my username for movable type!
hurrah! thanks george!
also.. i tried to sing to my dentist while he stiched my mouth up,
that was challenging and very entertaining!
i had taiwan fever and ran to the 'bubble bliss' cafe for bao bao tea.
hurrah for taro!!!!
also, i watched at least a dozen movies in the past 5 days!
i loved getting my wisdom teeth removed!
i wish they had done one at a time and i could have spent
every weekend like i spent this one!!
my detroit side going away party is at momma mary's house in romeo.
22nd of may, stay tuned for more details.
its actually my birthday/mikes birthday party. it will be fun because i
am turning 22, and he is turning 42.
he loves ted nugent, meat, and hunting....
i like otomo yoshihide, artichokes, and... not hunting.
he has a tattoo that reads "mean mother fucking forward moving machine"
(the same as the bumper sticker on his car)
i have a tattoo of a rectangle.
and don't have a car.
needless to say... it will be exciting.
i always have fun at their place!
last time everyone got drunk and tattooed american flags on themselves.
ha... not me of course. i played some mean darts though.

anyhow.. what am i doiuing. its late.
and i have a date with some sunshine tommarrow!
check out my new movie section.
also, stayed tuned for my "stuff you can buy with paypal and i will send you from taiwan" section.


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