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August 26, 2004

i have two new loves in my life

archival realaudio episodes of the american life and japanese nonograms.

its funny. i've always really enjoyed "this american life", but until now i have avoided listening to it online due to my addictive personality. of course, now, i must listen to at least three episodes a day, until i have heard just about every episode from the past 3 or 4 years. thanks george. also, the japanese nonograms came to me from my roomate julia, who was turned on to them from one of her Czech models at a runway show. see the original puzzel that got us both hooked.

also, i love my privates. see my privates here and here.

click on the picture to see what howard has to say about stress.

anyhow. i must go to work. first i have to pick up <our yard. it got a little tossed around during the typhoon. cheers.

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August 25, 2004

oh!!!!!!!!!!!! how i wish i


how i wish i were between the ages of 8-12 and could go back in time 4 days so that i could do this.

yikes... i can't believe i didn't find out about this sooner.

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August 24, 2004


my new eeemail is james.voges - aT - gmail.com.

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oh the humanity...

so i just went to my kitchen to grab some more of that shake, and saw a flicker of something yellow slither across my counter. i peeked under the spice rack and there was the cutest little sand colored lizard peering back at me. of course i wanted to touch him. so i lifted up the spice rack, a nd right where only moments earlier was the lizard, sat three giant cockroaches. so, a grabbed teh closed thing too me (a double sided knife of some odd shape) and swatted at one of them. i don't konw what i expected to happen, but i somehow knocked the head right off the biggest one. it was kind of gross watching the body go crazy and turn sommersaults while the head barked and asked what happened to its lower torso. well, it was more than kind of gross and now i don't want to finish my smoothie. which is just as well, because i should be in bed.


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two typhoons and a microphone

i just go back form typhoon shopping, and have come to the conclusion that frozen bannana/peanut-soymilk shakes are indeed very delicious.

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August 22, 2004


i guess its not hard to tell im a bit lonely at the moment. i just boke up with a girlfriend of sorts (im sorry, but is sort of been a secret). anyhow, that ruins all plans for a romantic valentines day. im still not sure why i did it or if i will regret it our not. either way, im probably a bit of a jerk for doing it right before a big evening... but... such is my life.

i will always have megaman. yikes.

so, i saw a lovely movie last night, and also ended up seeing it with a lovely philosophy student getting her masters in contemporary chinese literature. actually, i was rather out of it. i had slept until 6pm that day (i reeeeeeally needed the sleep) and showed up right as a women foud out that her brother wasn't going to make it to see the movie she just bought tickets for. so, i bought her spare ticket and ran off to look at the dvd shop where i drooled in front their Ozon collection for 20 minutes. then i ended up seeing the movie with this women, and only afterwards did i suddenly realize that she was indeed i very attractive, smart, and interesting girl about my age. ha. i was so wrapped up with my thoughts and movies that i had failed to even look her in the face until then. i can be so out of it sometimes. anyhow, we saw Se souvenir des belles choses and was very happy to recognize the ever enjoyable Dominique Pinon, despite the fact that their were no english subtitles. ha, i am fluent in the language of film, subtitles are not neccasary. oh god, remind me not to be witty any longer.

anyhow. i was very impressed with the taipei film spot and plan to visit often. however, most their films lack the appropriate subtitles, and its quite a tease to visit their gift shop with an equally impressive collection of affortable dvds, also without subtitles. i do plan, however, to spend many days next week watching selections from their upcoming Tailly High film festival and have already made a complete schedule for myself of the performances with subtitles, and every possible order i can watch them in to make sure that i can see them all. if anyone cares to join me, let me know which film you'd like to see, and i will let you know exactly what days i am seeing it on and how likely it is to be changed.

so... after the movie i ran into some new israeli shida students and showed them to the nearest bar.

so, today, i've done hardly anything. i had new strings fitted on the little mini guitar from thailand (the shop keep was very amused by this), and i have found another good place to take drum lessons if i so desire later this month. i think i may like the last place better though, because it seemed like i could come at any hour of the night to practice, and would thus be more likely to be alone and free to practice without scorn. i imagine my drumming style will not be much appreciated.

anyhow. i think i am going to find someplace nice to treat myself. i had saved up a little bit of cash to take this girl out, and would feel a bit dissapoited if i didn't eat somewhere at least half decent. i'd rather like to avoid couples and other valentines festivities though, so im not sure where to go.

its odd, i'd feel very bad if a whole valentines day passed without a valentine.

mom, will you be my valentine?

i got this from her last month, a handmade photobook, and i want her to know how much it meant to me.

notice the design on the cover. well it just so happens that the day i recieved that package, i was working on the exact same design as a stencil for my wall. i was going to wait until i finished it before i posted it, but i've put the project on the backburner and don't know when i will get around to it again. anyhow. happy valentines day mom :)

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August 16, 2004

a few thumbs from hong kong

wan an

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August 15, 2004

hiho! i have lots of


i have lots of lovely pictures to share, but lo... i believe there is something wrong with my website so i won't bother.

my time in hong kong has abruptly ended. i am now pennyless (well, 33 HK for the air bus), and pretty exhausted. i realized all to late that while i was busy watching 5 different Shaw Brother films, Formula 17 (or 71?), and not getting into several other sold out films i had planned on seeing.... i somehow managed to not eat a single specifically hong kong cuisine. and even worse! i didn't take advantage of the several nepal and indian resturants which i love all so much!!! maybe that is because i feel wierd eating inside a restaurant alone, especially in china and hong kong. i realize that everything i ate, is just what i eat in taiwan. that is really dissapointing to me, i will never let it happen again.

i did get to meet Chun-Chun Wong and talked about digital cameras and female documentary directors. also, i met another director, but i forgot his name. oops. i do look forward to seeing his new film next month though.... i think its called 'hidden heros'. also, i met the lovely fanny lam, distributer of shaw brothers films. thats a buisness card i certainly won't be losing. oh boy. there were so many great things going on, i had such a horrible time making up my mind. and when i finally decided to be a good boy and make a list and itinerary, half the things on my list proved un-attainable due to 'sold-out' or bad weather cancelations. i never once got to see the light show on top of the buildings on hong kong island that they normal have every weekend during the summer. apparantly this weekend was just to foggy. oh well. i did get to see formula 17 which was very entertaining. also, i really enjoyed recognizing everywhere in the movie, and also knowing exactly where to buy half the props. suddenly asian cinema seems so much more intimate to me. even the hong kong and shaw brothers films now. even though i've only been here a few days, i feel like i know hong kong like that back of my hand. i've taken the bus everywhere, walked back from everywhere, taken every ferry, walked every skywalk and every pedestrian subway. its not nearly as big of a city as i imagined it would be. of course, i didn't go into the 'new territories'. there really isn't anything there i'd like to see (besides maybe the remains of an old SB studio, which i can't find any contemporary sources claiming its still there).

deng yixia!!
Bthis was suppose to be a short entry. i can't stand makeing long entries unless there are lots of pretty pictures to look at. so. here is what i am going to do. make a list of the movies i have bought. now, mom and dad, remeber, i no longer have to buy a single movie the rest of my stay in taiwan now (besides tsai ming-liang, and 'womens private parts' by chun chun wong). this was my movie trip. also, mom and dad, remember i only spent about 2 dollars on each, and by doing so i probably saved 2 dollars from not buying them in taiwan. do the way i look at it, they were FREE!!! also, george, don't cry. you will be out here soon. and cindy and will, i hope you and your boyfriends will join me for a shaw brothers extravaganza as soon as i get my projector from grand rapids.

ha... what am i doing? im acting like im unveiling this huge suprise. ha... well it is to me, i didn't expect to make it out here this soon for dvds, and its my little present to myself for being so good at... getting into trouble and not crying i guess. i don't konw...

Bollywood (several of them are actually two movies on one disc)

anarkali, mughal-e-azam, salaam bombay, anand, julie, bobby, bombay to goa, gehal chaal, namak haraam, bhopal express (david lynch presents), lata and rafi (collection of romantic musical numbers with lata and mohammad rafi!), and another similar collection of R.D. Burman (george, they are the actual clips from the movies. just as we wanted).

stephen chow
god of gamblery II, cat and mouse (not really stephen chow) , royal tramp, royal tramp II, chinnese odyssey II, hail the judge, and the tricky master.

shaw brothers
a mad world of fools ('74), a friend from inner space ('84), les belles ('60), the happiest moment ('73), the love eternel, the kingdom and the beauty, love without end, the warlord, the house of 72 tenants, the empress dowager, hong kong nocturne, the three smiles, the 36th chamber of shaolin, blood brothers, love swindler ('76), yellow muffler ('71), two con men ('75), on the wrong tracks ('83 with 21 year old andy lau), puppy love ('85), hong kong 1973 ('74).

Stanley Kwan
rouge, the actress, red rose white rose, hold you tight, lanyu.

other asian cinema
waterboys (Shinobu Yaguchi), a snake of june (shinya tsukamoto), two womens story, the romancing star (maggie cheung), twelve nights, road home, sumo do sumo don't, tempting heart (sylvia change), okinawa rendezvous (tony leung, faye wongg, leslie cheung!!), days of tommarow (andy lau), yiyi.

european and central asia
baise moi, kandahar, water drops on burning rocks, the bicycle theif.


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August 13, 2004

SB studios or bust...

im having a fabulous time here! how can i not? lovely people, great food, crazy lights.... and every store is packed full of shaw brothers and stephan chow dvds!!!!!!! (can you find my face? its a happy one :)

ha. honostly. what am i suppose to do!?!? you can't put 7 steven (sp?) Sing-Chi Chau films right in front of a sign that says "7 for 100HKD". oh boy, im helpless here!!! i was such a good boy, and now look at me...

its not hard to tell what i value in this world. ha. tea and dvds... what more can you ask for?


ok. so... quickly now so i can get out of the hotel. here is my room in the YMCA.

not bad eh? clean, cheap, and... religous. i sleep next to a gigantic wooden cross. also, i needed a transformer for my laptop... here is what the maid brought me...

a deceptecon?

i don't have much time to type, so im just going to make a list of the latest additions to my dvd/vcd collection (because i know a few people who would be very interested.

shaw brothers
love swindler ('76), yellow muffler ('71), two con men ('75), on the wrong tracks ('83 with 21 year old andy lau), puppy love ('85), hong kong 1973 ('74).

stephen chow
god of gamblery II, cat and mouse (not really stephen chow) , royal tramp, royal tramp II, chinnese odyssey II, hail the judge, and the tricky master.

bollywood (yes i found a indian film import store...)
salaam bombay, anarkali/mughal-e-azam (split dvd), anand/namak haraam, bhopal express (david lynch presents), lata and rafi (collection of romantic musical numbers with lata and mohammad rafi!).

other (as if i need anything besides stephen chow, SB, and bollywood)
the bicycle their, and baise moi.

also... i am about to buy a stanely kuwan 6 dvd box set for 150HK and a kinji fukasaka 6 dvd box for the same. the real question is "should i also get the 11 dvd beat takeshi set for 300??"

let me know what you think.

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hong kong and oolang


I have made it to Hong Kong.

i realize there is a problem with my pictures. try downloading the zip file here and then mentally projecting them onto my site.


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August 12, 2004

comfort food


this is where i am...

this is where i want to be.

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August 11, 2004

so i get home from...

so i get home from... a work of sorts... and i have this message in my email from 'the us world bank' with a very official sounding subject. it kind of frightened me, especially when ive heard of all the hasseling the US does when people are sending US dollars from foreign country to foriegn country. anyhow... i kinda of got choked up (oh no! another thing going wrong), and the message said this...

"Why not? excuse me Don't get excited! The Census Ricky Martin you mustn't In my view Come, come now WATCH CNN Shoe them to me please Pepsi Cola. Periodic Table People in 1806 from the"

boy am i a sucker.

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i knew it was only a matter of time...


ive been a little frustrated with myself lately. i think i am incapable of functioning in this 'civilized' society. why am i unable to function properly and keep track of things like most other people? honostly. how does my mind transform a 60 day visa into a 90 day visa? it could have something to do with the fact that i haven't yet learned the months of the year past may (my birth month), in english. maybe thats why i thought i didn't need to renew my visa until the end of august. when am i going to learn that july comes after june?!? not august! yikes. so... ive made quite a mess of things down at the shida office. so of course ive spent the last two hours talking to everyone except the one person that can do anything about this. when they ask you "are you sure you didn't leave the country at the end of july" three times... was i supposed to answer "oh thats right, i went to cambodia for a weekend. the rain must have washed that stamp right off my passport".


yikes. such is my life. just like how i arrived at the complete wrong house to tutor last night, and then got lost on my way to the next one. yes, i have trouble finding my way around taipei sometimes... but ive driven this road a hundred times now and their is only one turn!!! oh boy. i shouldn't be allowed to leave my house. yikes... all this red tape and such has gotten me very confused. why do i say i can't come to so-and-so's office at 11? because i like to sit infront of a montesorri school for two hours a day where i occasionally find an envelope with wades of cash in it; bearing my initials? hiho... im in it again. it seems like the more things i finally take care of, the more other things pop up. no wonder its so hard for me to get motivated to do something i need to do. its because i know once i solve one problem, i find three others in its place.

so... tommarrow i skip class to find out whether i have to spend this weekend in thailand, or pay a huge fine, or both. maybe i will just take that relaxing gambling cruise (ha, relaxing because i don't gamble) where they float out into international waters and back. either way, its another thing a need to spend money on. yes, and right after i paid my credit card bill and the rest of my humungeous sequirity deposit (which i just learned i accidently charged to my mothers credit card instead of my own and now have to take care off... case in point). also... no matter how well i can read and write, how come i can't understand a single word anyone says to me!? i always get a 100% on the written and 1% on the listening comperhension. could it be because no matter how much chinese i try to speak, everyone always responds in english?


soorry... its sort of been a bad few days. im a little overwhelmed. im starting to realize that anytime i don't feel overwhelmed, its probably because im forgetting several important things and will soon pay dearly for it. so.


i went to the bookstore. miss bookstore 2004 was not present, but i bought a lovely childrens book which i will scan and share later. her brother told me she will be there this evening (a bit mockingly at that... am i that obvious or did he read my website?), so i think i will return then and ask if she enjoyed any of the songs i prepared for her. i hope she doesn't think i spent 12 hours on saturday arranging the songs and decorating the case... because i did. yikes... how embarrasing.

the first cd includes:
otomo yoshihides new quintet, alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto, le mans, mari natsuki, kahimi karie, france gall, die moulinettes, sufjan stevens, hermine, django reinhardt, helen cane (as betty boop), matsushima utako, misora hibari, some old french band, joe tex, archie bell, gil scott-heron, and the prudence sisters.

the second cd was more hit and miss, just trying to find something new i could introduce her too, and it includes:
lucky dragons, the books, the blow, stereo total, figurine, tujiko noriko, asao kikuchi, joanna newsom, devendra banhart, the creatures, mirah, blonde redhead, golden shoulders, vvrssnn, cains and ables, microphones, tsukimono, differnet, and kim hiorthoy (whom i like more and more each day... especially after that cute japanese girl gave me her cd).

also, on sunday i finally met will and peter. they were extremely nice and i had a wonderfull time dvd shopping with them. will burned me a copy of the dvd he sent george and my roomates and i have been watching clips from the prelinger archives all week. also, since ive been such a good boy and haven't bought dvds since my first week, i picked up a few dvds.

thanks will for your help, and thanks peter for lunch! in case you can't read the titles, they include, but are not limited too; the singing theif (SB), Song of the South (bobby driscoll), pinocchio (benigni), superman (fighting nazi's), taxi 2, bullet ballet (tsukamoto shinya), three, hollywood hong kong (fruit chan), sabrina (i shoudn't have to say), casablance, roman holliday, goodbye dragon inn/the missing (tsai ming-liang, lee kang-sheng), and Mr. Funny Bone strikes again (SB). naturally most of them where quite a bargain, but of course i had to pay the going price for the tsai/lee and shawbro's films. ha. i made the comparison with a language exchange the other day. she lives in warner village and perfers american movies (and warner brothers) to chinese; and i perfer shaw brothers to american movies. umm... i guess it was much more entertaining for me at the time. so maybe you had to be there. well.... she didn't really find it funny either though, so... i don't konw.


ok... a typhoon is coming, and it is raining pretyt hard. so i best get to work before my motorscooter washes away.

ok... i found a wounded bird sunday, and it died monday morning...

thats all... must leave...

end end end...

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now i am even more

now i am even more confused. how come my picture of nicole works... yet mia's are too shy to showthemselves directly on my page? i don't know, but i need to go get some nyou rou tang mian (sp?) and then take my butt and 18,309 quai down to shida to pay tuition.

i think i may stop by the bookstore too. i will let you know what happens :)

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hmm.... sorry.i don't know whats

hmm.... sorry.

i don't know whats wrong with my website or why the pictures aren't loading... in fact, im a bit displeased with my whole webpage/server/webmail service at the moment and have spent more time trying to fix it than studying for my exam today (which i think i may actually have done well on).


if you still want to see the pictures of mia jo (and i am sure you do), try clicking here and here.

bye bye.

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August 10, 2004


Mia Jo has arrived at last!!! jeez, its about time. i think they ordered her on amazon at least 9 months ago.

how exciting! im an uncle! ha. wait... im a cousin! again! Her name is Mia jo! what a fabulous name!

congradulations Dave, Jen, and Belle!!

anyhow... i have so much more to post, but.... im busy now. so... maybe tomarrow. cheers!

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August 6, 2004

such fine tea indeed

ok... so today has been fabulous. it started off with a relaxed class full of cookies and other treats, sort of a day off due to a student leaving today. then i had lunch with my classmates. shown here are three japanese girls, one swiss girl, one canadian, and an american born chinese, and a guy from titibaki... (yikes...) ok. im not sure where he is from, but its near the christmas islands.

then i went home, relaxed at my private little work station, and worked on some pictures and drank tea. see... this is why i rarely leave my house. i have everything i could possibly want. expensive chinese oolang tea, an antique chinese pillow to sit on, and of course the powerbook. mmmmm....


ahh... a real cool breaze just came in the door. i feel great! the tanons are at full strength, and i couldn't be happier. today was beautifull! such great light! and sooo hot, yet this cool breeze? i have no idea where it came from. i hear there is a typhoon nearby, maybe its getting ready to storm. shoot, i needed to do laundry too. i can't stand it when i get acid rain all over my clothes... it smells horrible.

oh well...

tis the price you have to pay. so... here are some pictures

the last one is the shida dormitory. the rest are all within a few blocks of my house. i can't muster up the strength to travel too far in this heat, but why would i need too leave the vicinity of my powerbook? all the clouds, buildings, and palm trees i need are right here. so, this is my neighborhood, minus the night market which i have plenty of time to photograph.

of course i can't help taking a hundred pictures of the palm trees. they provide such great relief to the towering apartment buildings.

then there is the neighborhood skinheads...

of course im just being stupid. obviously that first picture was flipped so i could try and be witty. sorry, lame joke.

parking here still really amuses me. this last garage is by far the largest in my neighborhood. ha.

and of course... my hero has made his first apperance in the da'an district.

of course i don't really need to introduce him, but humor me just the same and tell me if you know who it is. i honostly can't tell if other people can recognize him... all the taiwanese ive asked thus far have no clue. so, it would make me feel better if i knew i wasn't the only one who recognizes this stencil.

in other news, i finally have a SIM chip and a phone number. my number is 09-1096-9995. easy enough to remember. don't wait for me to formally give it to you to call me. im lonely and have thus far recieved only one text message from my roomate. oh.... yeah, i forgot. i still can't use it. of course. it has a pin number lock on it, and of course i have already forgotten it. so, i have to wait for nicole to come home and help me figuer it out.

also! tristy is getting married!!!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!! i just recieved the card in the mail! thanks tristy!! jiayou jiayou!

ok. i think i am going to do some homework and work on a new stencil. i've finally fought off a three day headache. of course knowbody told me betelnuts give you headaches until after eating six at a time. i couldn't help it, i bought too much for mahjong night and i didn't want to waste them. oh well, another lesson learned.


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August 2, 2004

for george

our favorite place to enjoy niurou mian...

i absolutely love this place. i think i go their at least every other day.

mmm... tong mian...



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August 1, 2004

why can't i stop takeing pictures of the laundry room?!

i just can't... i swear. something about it on a sunny day allures me.

also... how does this man do it? i nearly wolke him up and asked him to teach me the dark art of napping. notice his posture, the cleverly placed and perserved carton of milk... and ximen ding!?

so, last night i finally got a cell phone... however, now i can't find my sym card (spelling?). anyhow... such is my life. i new i was going to lose it, so just two days ago i moved it to somewhere more practical. obviously this wasn't a good idea, it never is. i wonder if it even ever made it to that 'someplace practical'. its probably in one of my breast pockets, or floating down the sewage drain in our laundry room. oh well. if i don't find it in two days i will just buy a new one. maybe its best to get a contract anyhow.

oh yes! whatever happened to the 'hiho' google image search posts? i don' t know, but i will post two today to make up for my tardiness.

notice how i am obsessed with haveing every picture on my site exactly 400 pixels wide, even if it means doubling an image. then notice that it didn't even occur to me that i could put the two next to each other.


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