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November 30, 2004

any ideas for 20 minute

any ideas for 20 minute 6 child christmas musicals?
i was thinking badger king, but i don't think thats going to work.

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November 29, 2004

so... it was a great

so... it was a great week and an absolute pleasure meeting family fischbeck, what wonderful people. i had a good time winding down with luke yesterday, its been a very busy week for both of us. i haven't spent that much time away from my bedroom in 5 months. so... i am exhausted. a bad cold just snook up to boot. i guess i will end it here then. im going to bed.

oh yes, i promise to post more about the shows and have some videos for everybody soon. right now i am just worried about finding dry socks and slipping under the covers.

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so... the shows were great....

so... the shows were great.... the great great kind of great. and, so, videos and pictures are in order, though my time tonight it limited. i merely wanted to mention that i have made an addition to my wishlist for christmas, though i am afraid it is already too late. a fine gentleman in Glasgow is releasing a subscription based set of 20 albums, made by my favorite twenty bands, one being some incredible stuff by luke.... and they are only printing twenty of each. so... first twenty to subscribe are the first twenty served, and we already know about the first 6 or so... so.... soooo.... i don't think i will have the money in the few days i expect it to take to sell out.

so... oh well. at least i have "faults" now. anyhow... its called the twenty bees, and... you should all go check it out. but don't buy it yet, because then i may not be able to get any. and that will make me cry. maybe.

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November 25, 2004


does anyone remember that entry i made. that one that just dissapeared off of the face of the earth? well... its gone, and i don't know where. which is sad. maybe it has to do with bandwidth, because now there isn't much left. i knew i shouldn't have posted a video featuring my new shoes, i had a feeling my mother would watch it a hundred times. im kidding mom. i miss you. hugs and kisses, i will try to find that entry and re-post it. until then i am getting some shut eye.

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November 20, 2004

some non-digital photos

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November 17, 2004

some lovely news...

...for myself

a very very kind gentlemen returned my wallet today, all the money still inside. it is funny how just when i think everything is going so wrong, everything is going so right. so, thank you very much dad for the emergency financial help. i bought a new pair of nice shoes, and finally look the part of an employed person. nice shoes, fancy shirt and tie, classy pants... i would have never thought i'd find myself looking like this, not for at least another 20 years. ha. i got a big round-of-applause when i showed up for work today (even though i was 10 minutes late); all the classes stopped and the teachers came out of the classroom to comment on my transformation. a bit embarrassing, but certainly pulled me out of a slump.

so... i am celebrating. i am having my first fancy 'sit down and eat' dinner at cafe bastille, which boasts the finest Belgium beir collection i have ever seen, not to mention wireless LAN connection, thus the entry.

so, here it is. my celebratory drink, my private date with KASTEEL bier. a fine dark beverage that i can hardly hope to meet the better of in a good long while. also, i get to sit right in front of a framed print from the movie 'Brave 20' by Ming-Tai Wang; the director of the river which may be one of my favorite films.

so, i guess thats it. life back on track, and im in a really good mood again. im drinking a beer more expensive than my meal, wearing fancy-dancy clothes (ha, my one outfit at least), and... well... about to go home and spend the evening lying in bed with two cats and a ukulele. life couldn't get much better. thanks dad, i really appreciate your help. and thanks anonymous man who scooped my wallet out of the rode and then faxed shida my student idea with instructions on how to get a hold of him. i love you both.... though, the former a lot more than the later.cheers.

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November 16, 2004


so. early posts 1and 2 are not worth reading, just me blabbing about how my wallet got stolen and our cat may be put to sleep... whats more important right now is my stupid pokemon game keeps freezing and the save game file is corrupt! now what!? there goes my whole evening. im going to bed.

i love popcorn with apple vinegar (and not just because they are the only two edible things in the house). also, i know black sugar tea is for girls when they have their period, but i love it anyways, and i drank three big cups tonight. so there. thats what you can do when you have a bad day. right?

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November 10, 2004

the flyers, thus far

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November 9, 2004

so, i was just informed

so, i was just informed that i just missed a large earthquake. the last two earthquakes were only about 5 seconds long, apparently this one was about a minute. i am starting to get the impression these earthquakes are correlating with my erratic sleeping patterns. last night i went to bed at 11. i will do the same tonight; if another quake arrives, then i agree to submit myself to a laboratory for further investigation.

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my sentiments as an english teacher...

accept replace the 'two people' with 'me talking to myself', and 'keys' with 'dry erase board markers'...

...and 'accept' with 'except'.

visit toothpastefordinner for more.

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November 8, 2004

november 26th

could this be the new flyer?

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the stationary

so i guess this is the first single from the stationary.

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November 3, 2004

i've done my obsessive

i've done my obsessive compulsive 'not going to bed or doing homework' research for the night, and have picked two sites to obsessive compulsively update when i get back from class tommarrow (many of your tonight's)... this fine site and and this one which i've just found the later also suggests as a fine alternative site if you care to see how much bush is winning.


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You don't have permission to access "http://www.georgewbush.com" on this server.

i think thats the first time a server error has ever made me laugh out loud. and to think i was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. i am a bit more hopeful now... i wonder who's responsible. is it 'hi-net', hackers? jammers? google? am i missing something? why is his site down? wait... '.com', it has to be a joke. is that even a website? i don't know, i don't really care, but i think its funny. i remember the excitement and tension during the last elections, and during 9-11, and can feel it again... even all the way over in taiwan.

but, i had a really bad night. to add, i almost killed a cat on purpose tonight. we sort of adopted a cat from a friend a few weeks back, and he got slaughtered by the neighborhood gang last week and is now bedridden, both his back legs can't move (the vet says severally strained, but at first was certain they were broken), and his whole body is covered in bites... hes just a skinny little house cat, probably 8 months old.

anyhow, the big tough cat (the only one in the gang thats actually a house cat, so i think its a personal problem), keeps creeping into our house at night to attack him. seriously, i will open my eyes at 4 in the morning and see this big orange cat creeping down my stairs towards him. so, ive been chasing him around the block lately with whatever 'not quiet lethal' thing i can grab in suit. but today i stopped and reflected on what would happen if i actually caught him while he was in my house. well, i'd probably tackle him with something and pin him to the ground, until i could figure out what i could hold him by without getting clawed, and then throw him out my front door. but considering that i am about as angry as i have ever been in my life when i chase him, and then considering the force in-which i honestly (and frighteningly) feel like throwing him with, factoring in the 'lenny' effect, and the fact that there is a brick wall only 6 feet from my front door, i think he'd end up breaking his neck before landing on all fours.

so, in conclusion, i am patching up all holes in our windows and leaving the front door shut, and no longer chasing any cats...


i should be asleep. i originally planned to stay awake until election results (ha, results?) came out... but, i just realized thats tomorrow for me.

its kind of funny, i tried really hard to find a nice professional and flattering picture of george bush from 'google image search' and add it to the bottom, but i just couldn't. not after 15 minutes of searching. that makes me even more hopeful, sort of. but then i think of what the people may or may not be doing to secure their own investments... anyhow, i couldn't find a nice picture... but i did find something i can use for stenciling. im going to the welcome mart to buy eggs so i can have tea leaf eggs, or whatever they are called in english, for breakfast.

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