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December 30, 2004

liang shuang

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December 25, 2004

hiho ho ho!!

well, its early christmas morning for me... christmas afternoon for many others whom i care deeply for. im sending my love out to those at the fairman condo, where the family gathering will be hosted this year. i love you all, i took some christmas pictures for everybody, but they aren't developed yet... and i apologize for sending out my postcards late (yesterday and the day before). i will have a christmas dvd for everyone soon, complete with growing garden christmas play, and a tour of my neighborhood. tonight, at the stroke of twelve, i was standing on the MRT platform waiting for the last train back to shida nightmarket, belly full of food, and cat scratches stinging from the beitou salt water hotsprings.

so... i haven't opened my stocking yet, but i did open the traditional pair of pajama pants this evening, and am wearing them right now. my mother is a genius. not only did she use the cutest robot material i've ever seen in my life, but she sewed them all upside down so anytime i care to admire them i merely have to glance down instead of twisting my legs around backwards. i love them. thanks mom! merry christmas all!! (oh yes, there where a ton of bus drivers dressed as santa claus today, i tried to take pictures.. but.. well, they were driving. so.. heres the pants, we are going to watch a movie. goodnight.

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December 23, 2004

3 rolls 3 days part 3 of 3

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December 22, 2004

3 rolls 3 days part 2 of 3

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well... i am a bit sad

"Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying to the Berlinale Talent Campus 2005.

Unfortunately you were not selected for this year's Berlinale Talent Campus.

It was not an easy selection process. We received over 2500 applications from 104 countries. The general quality level was very high and there are a limited number of spaces.

We sincerely hope that you will keep in touch with the Berlinale Talent Campus and apply with another sample of your work for next year. We will accept new applications for the Berlinale Talent Campus 2006 starting in June.

We wish you continued success in your projects.

With kind regards,

Your Berlinale Talent Campus Team

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December 21, 2004


7 o'clock tomorrow night at fembooks they will be showing love me if you can. the director will be there to talk about the movie and her other projects and such... actually, im not sure exactly what is going to happen, but i trust it will be well worth the 50NT they are asking for the show. i don't know if i will be able to make it, but my projector will be there.

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the troops

so... sarah and sarah have arrived! well, nearly a week ago... thus the lack of updates. i do have plenty of pictures to share. we just got the digital camera working, however i think i will be working a lot with my 35mm now. as you can see in the picture above, we are too cheap to actually pay for one of those fancy photo booths, so we made do with what we had to commemorate the reunion.

also, here is another 'how would you wake Mrs. Pig' illustration by one of my own students. i will be posting more about the christmas play they did later.

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3 rolls 3 days part 1 of 3

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December 14, 2004

so, im in a cafe

so, im in a cafe using the wireless, and suddenly someone else's music pops up in my itunes. this is great! i didn't know that was even possible! unfortunetly i can't figuer out how to copy the music into my own folders short of going into their computer through the network and ripping them right out, which i am too shy to try doing. anyhow... i am listening to some rather nice chinese shoe-gazing tunes. i am busy missing two films... already forgot which thankfully, and am busy working on a montage for the parents to enjoy during intermission at the christmas play. i didn't think this would be such a pain... but working with nearly 600 pictures of different sizes, formats, shapes, resolutions (and none very well shot), is doing a lot more than sucking up my hardrive space. i already had to reboot twice to clean up the scratch disk, and have already drank two cups of ku cha to help with the little pimples that have surfaced on my chin as a result of the stress. the nice man at the ku cha stand recommends not drinking a third, as it may... i don't know, he said 'kill', but im sure that is simply because he couldn't find a better word i understood. i feel like im messing with lethal alchemy here. i bet it has mercury in it... at least i'd die a poets death, eh?

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a rather interesting commentary on

a rather interesting commentary on the recent elections and the earlier shooting incident... here. don't ask me to explain it, i didn't even know who the funny looking woman was (vice president).

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December 13, 2004

not just flat black and circular

i've been meaning to post about this internet museum of flexi/cardboard/oddity records for awhile now. today i went back to visit it, and noticed that they even have a copy of the old diamond head single by the plastics... unfortunately my realplayer isn't up to speed, so i haven't been able to listen to any of the recordings yet, but i hope to get it straightened out soon. the one i found the most interesting was the yodeling hankies...

"I imagine it in an airport tourist shop for a gift on the run that could be sent right from the store with the supplied box. The hankies have never been removed from the box so we get to see them in their original state of sale. The clear plastic record is actually the top of this very thin box. After you removed the hankies and used them you could still save the record box. But how could you! I am so glad the previous owner didn't so that we can get to see this unique concept in its original state."

i think up next as my second favorite, would be the chun king chow mein with noodles flash frozen containers. what a great concept!

anyhow... im getting distracted again. i should be preparing for my ting xia tomorrow. the lovely sarah's will be here this time on wed, i am rather excited. i should probably start picking up a bit as i will be busy studying and watching documentaries the rest of the week. i saw werner herzog's the white diamond tonight. it was very good. i had tickets to see two other films on saturday, but forgot to see them. a pity, at least the tickets were only 10 quai. also, i got my camera fixed today, so i look forward to taking lots of pictures this week. ok. good night.

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December 11, 2004

so... im still nameing titles so... and...

i have been seeing these silly survey things on some blogs lately... (i.e. here, here, and here) and it had been taking me back to the ol' livejournal days. Actually, i don't know any of these people, i merely posted their websites because the one i originally saw it on was my 'secret internet santa', something i learned about from william in this post. so, then i realized this means someone i don't know is looking at my website, something that has been happening more and more these days. its funny because i forget that people do that, and that google can actually read my thoughts. so... i thought it would be a good time to post this... and then check my amazon wishlist and make sure there are still reasonably priced toys on it.

oh boy. i decided not to post it. what a waste of time, i should go eat food. actually, i am glued to my computer right now, i have spent the last several hours feverishly downloading old vaudville and edison films from various archives such as this one. its great! also, i am really impressed by this collection concerning the chinese in california 1850-1925. ok.. i should be in a night market somewhere. bye.

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December 8, 2004

hot water

so... i had this long, witty, and intellectual discourse (ha) for an entry; and now its gone. i really need to get back to stroke orders and interjections for my big test tomorrow, so here is the grunt of what i was originally going to post.

in a class of 9, its rather curious that 3 of them decided that the best way to get a pig out of their bed was to pour hot water in their nose. even more curious is that two of them illustrated the water going in one nostril, piercing straight through the septum, and coming out the other side. original post content explored possible historical connections citing popular ancient literature (is there such a thing?), comic books, and even a recent interview with an elderly man in my neighborhood. of course, none of this really amounted to much, except a waste of time approximately equivalent to the time it would have taken me to prepare for the test tomorrow without having to stay up all night... yet, all is lost. so, instead of of continuing to waste time and retrace my steps and meticulous research, i am going to pray that moveable type develops a way of auto-saving entry drafts, and leave you with an entertaining/depressing clip sent to me by teacher jennifer (herself once a u.s./canadian dual citizen), and the question; "how many people saw these clips and actually began wondering what percent of canadians own dogsleds?'

via mediamatters, kinda. not really i guess.

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December 6, 2004

so... i know its

so... i know its 4:00 in the morning and i have chinese lessons at 10, but just before going to bed i realized that i hadn't yet listened to lukes live radio show on brown student radio from yesterday evening. i highly recommend listening to it. It includes a live performance of some of my favorite lucky dragons songs, then moves on to some field recordings from here in taipei, and then onto a fabulous set including a astrid lindgren ditty by barnvisor, 'i'll just go birdwatching' by 'after dinner' and some incredible recordings of inuit songs. quite an incredible set, i must say. oh boy... i just realize that the above image (and movie if you clicked; also available as gif) was taken as luke recorded 'the book is on the table' field recording on that set. ha. that was from a nice little evening in danshui. that evening i learned that i am no good at crane or drumming games, though i am determined to change that now that i have money again... good investment, no?

anyhow... i really should be going to bed.

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December 2, 2004

"Why Can't Everything Orange Be Audioscrobbler?"

i don't know why audioscrobbler is my new favorite thing... but it may have something to do with the fact that they say "Why Can't Everything Orange Be Audioscrobbler?" right on the title bar (and i do love orange), or that it turns 'listening to itunes' into 'amassing a unique musical profile'. i swear, its the hotest thing since blogging. my name is stationary. add me as your friend or neighbor.

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wait one minute

i am on the corner of fuxing nan lu and ren ai lu waiting for the number 74 bus to arrive. i have always liked this bus stop.... ouch.. just missed the bus. anyhow. i have always liked this bus stop because the big hotel it sits in front of emits this contiuous high pitched noise from the air vent behind me. it sounds like two sine waves having a casual conversation in an elevator shaft. i found that their also happens to be a wireless connection right here and i just happened to have my laptop onhand, so... i recorded it for all those curious. of course, i can't listen to it myself at the moment (though i hear it just fine in person), try to see if you can hear those sine waves i was talking about.

also.... i have been a bit sick lately, and have taken to wearing a black mask when i go out. its rather nice, i think i will continue wearing it indefinetly now. i feel like im going out to fight crime, in a buisness suit and fly running shoes. im starting to walk like it now too... one of those brisk 'im off to dispose of villains and keep the city safe' kind of walks. yup... thats me; and i just missed my bus again... i should just walk.


i made it home without running into any super villains, and also managed to record this little track on the bus. please ignore the crazy crackling sound from the last mp3, i didn't account for the wind (a typhoon is on its way tonight), but i kind of like how it sounds anyhow.

oh yes! i captured this at the police headquarters while taking care of my visa extension. i managed to get it extended until feb 11th which works great because that means i may be able to visit my dad in Shanghai for his birthday. it may indeed look as if he will be staying here for 6 months next year. im happy!

ok... off to protect the lawful citizens at shida night market.

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