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January 27, 2005

i know where my next vacation will be...

Reicipe for Noisy Sands (NOVA)

"When he heard them in the Gobi Desert, Marco Polo believed they were spirit voices. Ancient Chinese literature describes ritual celebrations of their divine power. In 1941, after crossing the Sahara, British engineer and explorer R. A. Bagnold was captivated by their spell. The "weird chorus" of sound-emitting desert sands was, he wrote, "the song of sirens who lure travelers to a waterless doom, the toiling of underground bells in sand-engulfed monasteries."

i find this very fascinating. thanks sarah.

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January 26, 2005

green card lottery?

has anyone else seen... or found it unusual... that there are ads for a US green card lottery on imdb? i understand what it is... but...

i don't know. i shouldn't be that surprised.

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dollar stores and i

so... i bought this toy phone the other day. its very 'modish' apparently. its rather interesting, and the noise it makes is extremely loud. i think my new fashion apparel may have disturbed our neighbors the other night. this 'vogue telephone' as its called, was only 10NT, and looks just like astroboy with bleached hair.

also, i have recently been striken with a 'buy things that come in little plastic eggs' frenzy. i recently became the proud owner of 5 cute... things... from the fabulous series pictured below. oh... they have a website too it appears... copy toys.

in other news, i am about to leave to go meet my father at CKS airport for lunch, i haven't seen him in a long time and look forward to our brief airport exchange at 4:00. also, i watched mad max last night, and loved it. i was very entertained by the poor dubbing, but didn't realize until the end of the movie that what we were watching was not just poorly dubbed, but that the film was actually Australian and the dubbing was not just sloppy sound editing, but an entirely re-dubbed american english version!!!. now, i did realize this was mel gibson's first film (and arguably, his last good one), and i did know he was Australian, and i did recognize that this film was indeed filmed in australlia, and... through the entirety of the film we commented on how it didn't sound at all like mel gibson, but... i guess... i just didn't imagine... well... it was possible! necessary?! why? do people not understand... Australian accents? are americans that... um... i guess i don't really have to point out the absurdity of this, or make any judgments likewise. but... well... i don't know. anyhow. i need to find mad max 2.

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did i already post this find?

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January 18, 2005


so... yesterday my itunes library read '10240 25 days 40.33 GB'. i thought that was kind of neat... because, well... 1024 is my old address in east lansing... as well as 2 to the 10th power and the amount of bytes in one kilobyte. and 25 days... its not really impressive or anything, but the fact that my itunes now measures my mp3's by days... is... i don't know... nice? fun?

in other exciting news, i switched over from 'whitemans toothpaste', to 'blackmans toothpaste'. i had planned on investigating this further and makeing it a detailed report with commentary... but... i am much too busy and should be studying. so... it has a minstrel on the cover, literally translates to 'black man's toothpaste', once was called 'darkies toothpaste' in english, but after series of complaints the name of this particular product was altered to 'darlies', and the 'white man' brand became 'whiteman'. and... um... so... blah blah blah... please share you cultural insensitive stories here... does anyone know why kids here think swastikas are so cool? because, well.... sorry... im completely distracted... out of 10480 tracks (todays count), the mp3 itunes has randomly picked is a PSA about protecting your child's privacy on the internet... which made me feel like i was back on WCKS or WXOU again. sorry... i really don't want to study right now, and i have become smart enough not to turn MSN on... so... i guess this is what happens.. when... my... thoughts are... not collected... and... starship... hmm... i thought i only had sarah and we built this city.. but... i... am.. going now..............

my dads in shanghai right now... hi dad, welcome to my side of the globe.

i guess...
tommarrow i will scan mr. whitey.

and mom... i love the toms toothpaste you sent me for christmas, but i've been using it sparingly to ensure it lasts for the long-haul.

im going. i promise.
i should just erase all this...

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January 17, 2005

so... i got another

so... i got another wonderfull package in the mail this last week! inside was the most delicious homemade blackberry jam, candles, my absolute favorite christmas cookies, and much much more. also included where these fine prints, so now that i have a moment i can share them here and introduce everyone to my two wonderful cousins; Lucy and Clayton.

this particular print is now in a lovely gold frame next to my bed, i can't believe how old everyone is getting! I know i've only been gone for 7 months now... but my god! yes, my brother has gotten huge too... but Clayton! i don't know why, but i forget kids grow. its a horrible thing actually... growing. if i had it my way, i would have done as the boy in the tin drum (also a book i've found in two different dumpsters) and thrown myself down a flight of stairs so that i might have brought my growth to a complete stop and been the likeness of a 8 year old boy for the rest of my life... touring the country with a troupe of dancing midgets and performing for the third reich. though... maybe a little differently. anyhow... also included was the ear, the eye, and the arm by Nancy Farmer. I really look forward to enjoying the adventures of General Matsika's three children as Zimbabwe's three most unusual detectives trail them to the Mile-High Macllwaine Hotel. It will make for a great break between Salinger and Machiavelli. In fact, i think i will read it right now.

anyhow... Clayton, Lucy, Bill, and Kate... if you are reading this... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!

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January 15, 2005

my new toy...

so... william took me to some lovely new thrift stores in taipei last sunday and i found this lovely new bell & howell 8mm camera for a good price.

i am thinking of going back when i have more money because there was a simply amazing film editing table for viewing stills or.. .well... i don't remember what it was... but it would be perfect for tracing and doubles as a collectable antique (just what i need to fill my temporary overseas home with... big old things i can't take home).

anyhow... i also found some nice books:

carson mc cullers' the heart is a lonely hunter

kierkegaard's diary of a seducer

machiavelli's the prince

and nine stories by j.d. salinger by.... well... j.d. salinger.

it was very refreshing to be in a thrift store again... i even picked up a nice ugly (though don't tell him that) stuffed bear. i think thats the one thing i miss about being in the states the most (next to family and friends of course)... is the 50 cent sale down alpine. hmm... yes. i had my second dream about that again last night. well.. this morning. i stayed up all night watching the first four episodes of the first season of the uk version of queer as folk. which will be followed by the first disc of the second season of sex and the city... i recent addiction i don't plan on dropping anytime soon... not until i've finished it. it was a bit of a tease seeing the final episode in kenting on new years. anyhow... stay tuned for my thoughts on these two seasons. i'd better get to doing something productive before the marathon continues.

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January 8, 2005

a few of my students... esther, kevin, eric, and richard.

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January 7, 2005

christmas dinner... a treat indeed

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missing you

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January 5, 2005

a very pleasent trip to kenting

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