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February 18, 2005

peoples of a hongkong pedestrian electronics market

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February 17, 2005

here it is...

the new additions to my dvd/vcd collection. most the stephan show and shaw brothers are VCD's from hong kong, the rest are bootleg dvd's from shanghai.

shaw brothers

boxer from shantung, the ('72)

kidnap (?)

shaolin prince ('82)

passing flickers ('82)

the pure and the evil ('82)

chinatown kid ('77)

price of love, the (?) x2 oops...

golden buddha, the (?)

hong kong playboys (?)

when the clouds roll by ('68) x2 again... oops.

merry wife, the ('71)

crazy shaolin disciples ('84)

drunken monkey (?)

sunset ('71)

silent love, the ('70)

we love millionaires ('71)

how to pick girls up ('87)


a tribute to mohamad rafi

karz (w/kapoor)




god only knows!

raghu romeo

stephen chow

the lucky guy

lawyer lawyer

kungfu hustle

king of beggars

a chinese odyssey part one - pandora's box

sixty million dollar man

fight back to school III

flirting scholar

curry & pepper

god of gamblers III: back to shanghai

magnificent scoundrels, the

box sets

queer as folk: complete series

friends: complete series

complete collection of this korean horror director's stuff

complete collection of francois ozon's films

ultraman family english lessons box set

buster keaton: a hard act to follow (11 discs!)

the sopranos: complete series

the rest

well... i've decided to put the last 65 dvd's on a text file because most of them i'm burning and then sending to sarah; whose requested that i keep the titles secret so as to surprise her. that, and it would make this entry much too long.

i guess thats it. im going to bed. goodnight.

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February 13, 2005

its 5:13 in the morning

...and i can still hear some of the loudest fireworks in my life.

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February 7, 2005

just the two of us

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real clean dumplings


the housekeeping staff just informed me that the big contraption about the sink that i had tried cooking my leftovers in, is actually a dish dryer. this amused me, but i think the cleaning lady was trying her best not to laugh at me.
why do they have machines for drying your dishes, but no machine for washing them? or even an oven for cooking food?

i find that rather curious.

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so... i've made it

so... i've made it to Shanghai, were i am now staying in Green City with my father. Its been great, although green city is the opposite of what i remember as shanghai, i've been having a great time with my dad, i'll expound more about our adventures later.

last night while my dad was asleep, i popped in the bootleg i had just bought on the corner, howl's moving castle. i was really excited because i wasn't able to see this in taiwan with english subtitles. to my dismay, this version, though otherwise perfect, was dubbed in chinese, and had the wrong subtitles! not just the wrong ones, i'd understand if they had french or spanish subtitles, even russian maybe... but the subtitles were from a whole different movie! the funny thing was, they were all perfectly queued, so it took me at least 5 minutes to realize that the girl sewing the dress in the beginning was not indeed talking about shooting innocent civilians and escaping charlie's fire by hoping onto an airplane. while this was rather entertaining, i was afraid if i watched the movie any further it would spoil the excitement for me when i finally did find one with english subtitles.

so... anyhow... here is a picture from the last time i was in mainland china, nearly 3 years ago...

in entirely unrelated news, before i left, my new roommate thomas introduced me to this polish blip-pop band called the gamboyzz orchestra project.

The aim of the Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is to create irony in the electronic music scene with our low tech hardware and relatively simple software in a world dominated by ever more advanced digital music processing and creation technologies. A crucial decision since the very conception of this digital music project was the creation of a unique brand of music by relying solely on our GameBoy consoles as musical instruments.

im enjoying their music very much, and look forward to getting my own gameboy soon so i can take advantage of this great music making software as well. somehow i don't think running this program on my gameboy emulator will be quite as rewarding.

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February 4, 2005

hong kong

thats were im at...

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February 2, 2005


so, i was at the wall last night for awhile, saw some fun bands. all week i have been looking forward to seeing 'fall of this corner', but when i got to the show i realized that this is because i was mistaking them for 'hang on the box', a band from hong kong i really like. in fact, i don't even know if hang on the box is there real name... i was told it might even be di di di, or dzap dou dao. well... i was sad it wasn't them. i'd be less sad if i got to see fall of this corner, and find out what they are like, but i didn't. anyhow, i got to see chasing sparrow, and they where really good. i ran out of the show to buy two copies of their album, one to send to george and one for sarah, but... they haven't recorded one yet. they only have a single released on the lobo 2 comp available at white wabbit records; and even that single is released as 'modest sparrow' rather than chasing sparrow. which is interesting, because they sound a bit like modest mouse and built to spill, i wonder if that has anything to do with the name 'modest sparrow' or if they changed it because they realized it was a bit too close for comfort. anyhow, chasing sparrow is a direct translation of their chinese name.

so... this entry was actually suppose to be about the album i ended up buying. the new PSAPP album; tiger, my friend. its funny i say 'the new' album... because this is actually the first i've ever heard, though there are others. i guess it makes it sound like i know what im talking about. anyhow... they are from the leaf label of whom i am hearing more and more about. anyhow, i don't want to describe there music by comparing them to other bands, so, i will just say that i like it a lot, it fits into my more childish, but cool and collected moods; sending frequent chills down my spine. it is electronic, and has very lovely vocals, and neat noises with fancy rythems. a bit cleaner and well produced for the stuff i would normally recommend listening too, but i shouldn't hold that against them; its the kind of album i would use to remind my mother i have good taste. so... im procrastinating, i have an exam in 30 minutes and im tired of looking at flash cards.


my cat just climbed into my covers and is now curled up between my legs preparing for a long nap.
i feel really bad because i really have to go now.
why am i so worried about disturbing my cat?

i should really start sticking up for myself.
yeah. bye.

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February 1, 2005

my house...



how about yours?

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