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May 30, 2005

stalin says...

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May 27, 2005

good bye willow

good bye willow, it was a great pleasure working with you comrade.

i am too busy to write much more, so i will follow williams cue and post my audioscrobbler charts.

"http://www.hiho.org/prior to may 22nd.jpg">

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May 23, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!i love you...


i love you... even though your getting old and all.

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my new favorite album

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they are watching us

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things that are red

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May 20, 2005


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May 19, 2005


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 16, 2005

my face

i really don't like looking at my face twice on the same page, so i am going to post this picture i took while shooting a roll of 35mm for challenge 3. this is the patch that the employees at 7-11 now wear to promote hello kitty.

actually, i posted about this here in the ultimate blogger den awhile ago. if you have any suggestions on how i could steal one, let me know. i suspect it might require a nice pair of wire cutters...

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challenge 4

so.... it appears that in addition to growing a beard and extra long nose, i have received immunity for challenge 4 of the ultimate blogger competition. This time, however, it was not by winning the challenge; but a gift from my dear partner willow. This is a fabulous victory, though it may indeed prove to be short lived, as we are now sitting ducks next round. oh well... the merit badgers have lived a long and honest life. so... why was my entry this round so poor?

well, my interview was not exactly as planned. my first interview was suppose to be with my old class at growing garden school, but i failed to wake up before 6 p.m. after a few nights of not sleeping. yes... i know, that is horrible. to make things worse, i woke up to find that my room had flooded (and only today am i getting around to cleaning this). the most curious part is that any remotely leather object in our house, has suddenly changed color and grown a mysterious mold. i need to take a picture of my roommates newly camouflaged boots... its rather disgusting actually. but, i guess thats what happens in the rainy seasons of sub-tropical islands. i will get used to it... somehow. but until then, i must use rope to keep my pants up, it simply won't do to wear a stinky green and purple leather belt. anyhow... my backup interview plan was to talk to a few different vendors from my favorite night market. unfortunately, the torrents of rain ruined this.

The only other back up was to interview the illegal suitcase bearing bootleggers that hang-out around the big eslite bookstore. but, the rain foiled this plan as-well. Oh yes! Then, i decided i might as well make a clever little interview with my new taiwanese roommate, who really is very interesting. but around 3 in the morning, after an hour of fun little questions regarding music, sex, movies, and pop culture in taiwan, i realized that the tape recorder was broken! anyhow... i stayed up the rest of the night and went to my favorite second hand market at 5 that next morning and shot the short piece with the gentlemen at the only remaining vendor, just before the torrents of rain returned. it was a rather eventful two days!

anyhow... sunday was nice (even if i was hardly awake for any of it). i got to see my dear pal william, for what will hopefully not be the last time before i leave. he gave me a set of incredible cd's full of my favorite kind of traditional taiwanese music which i am listening to right now! i love this stuff, and will is all to aware of my trials and tribulations trying to find it. see... these compilations all look the same, and you never know if what your buying will be cheezy r&b music from the 80's, bad license free keyboard melodies, horrible karaoke renditions of early 90's pop songs, or taiwanese lao ge. so, nice i finally have a nice collection of the songs i will miss so much! thanks william!!

also... i sent william home with a copy of the austrian documentary animal love... but unfortunatly he says it doesn't work. well... i will have to do something about that, because for those that have not seen it, it is brilliant! the imagery is simply stunning, i have no idea how Ulrich Seidl does it! well... shoot... i really want to write a review and share some screenshots of the film, but i really must go clean my room. i shouldn't be online today, its suppose to be an off day for me, ultimate blogger wise. i really should spend it doing something in the physical realm; but i am just too sore from the basketball game saturday night. hee hee... yeah... i played basketball. and i guess im not half bad! imagine that...

i can't help it. "Never have i looked so directly into hell." -Werner Herzog
screen shots 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

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May 11, 2005

5:13 a.m.

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May 9, 2005

im wondering about this new

im wondering about this new color scheme. im not sure what i think about it yet. most of my reserves though, are related to the pictures i post. i am so used to posting dark photos, high contrast, and slightly tinted yellow. i wonder if this will still work or if my photographs will also change with the website. anyhow... im really just posting to get that second picture of my face away from the identical picture at the top. ha... i must seem very narcissistic. anyhow... another color test is in due order, and somehow i must figuer out how to change the comment windows colors.


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May 8, 2005

so.... it seems i have

so.... it seems i have won challenge 2 of the ultimate blogger competition. that was rather exciting for me... you can read my 'tired technologies" blog entry here if you like. so... i guess i am going to take today off, and just sit around and clean the house. maybe watch a movie. i have several good ones to choose from, our sub-leaser just returned from living in shanghai and brought with her ... wait... i don't feel like finding them right now. they were good though. ok... break from internet. cheers.

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May 3, 2005

color test

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May 2, 2005

so much to learn

well... the bloggers photos have been posted. one good thing about being 15 hours ahead of most other contestants, is i might be the first one to see and post about this. anyhow... this is going to be a lovely next 6 weeks. I can't say how long i will be involved as a contestant, for i have a chance to be voted off twice a week, but i am happy to participate just the same.

edit: i do hope the challenge is posted before my lessons tonight, i was hoping to go straight from my privates to a showing of eros. i haven't heard many good things about it, but i am always happy to see anything by wong karwai, no matter how disappointed i pretended to be of 2046.

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so... last night was a

so... last night was a lot of fun. we had Chasing Sparrow over recording the vocal tracks for their new album coming out in July, and it will indeed be good enough to fly all the way to Taipei for; Chasing Sparrow and Varo are easily my two favorite bands in Taiwan. Which reminds me, Lydia left this morning to represent Varo in several different Australian cities for the next two weeks. if you happen to be around, keep an eye out for her performances.

also, last night i had the fortune of being trusted with my dear friend graffiti's grandfather's professional photo album (circa 1952), of which i spent most of the late night scanning and admiring. these pictures are incredible! apparently most of these prints where washed and developed in a dark room underneath her grandfathers bed. also, since he was the only photographer in his city, whenever anything important occurred, he was responsible for photographing it. so... maybe she will introduce me to him some day, and he can explain some of the importance behind his photographs to me. One im particularly interested in hearing more about, is one (which needs to be rescanned) of soldiers playing a game using cigarettes and mosquito coils. if anyone has any idea how this game is played, please let me know.

anyhow, i might not be posting to much else far awhile. i hope to be spending a great amount of my time sharing things over at "the ultimate blogger", where i have the honor to be posting for the next 6 weeks (or until voted off). anyhow... it seems i may be competing with the likes of mimi newyork, whom i have been a fan of for awhile. its a bit intimidating to compete with real writers... please wish me luck.

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