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June 28, 2005

the flying j(ames)

photo here... bus going... ah!!

so... this is were i am. in... some state. not michigan. not washington. somewhere in between. riding a bus for 70 hours isn't that fun, but i've read a good book about tramps (title has left me at the moment), and watched a great shaw brothers film called big sister. i will post hyperlinks next time im online... when i have the chinese name right, and the book title. anyhow... i've been thinking a lot. and. well. the bus is leaving. love love love to all.

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June 23, 2005

oh boy...

here i go, off to california for a wedding. i have exactly one hour to pack, update hiho, and burn a mixed cd for the road, so this will be brief. the last three weeks have been incredible and i have a whole list of things i plan on blogging about in the following week when i return to michigan, most of them simply records of my various exploits since returning to the states. i guess i have been taking a bit of a break from blogging, as i only have a limited time here in seattle with sarah, and lots of stuff to do. its been very nice. so... i will be in california until late sunday evening. monday morning i jump on a bus, and arrive somewhere in michigan around midnight wed. until then... i guess hiho is out of commission (as its sort of been since the competition ended). hopefully after the 4th of july, it will be back up with a new design, and plenty of nice things to share...

ok... im procrastinating. just had too much tofu scrambler, don't really feel like packing.

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June 19, 2005

my dad is great

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June 16, 2005

gasworks park seattle

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June 14, 2005


portland was so fun! what lovely people! there is so much to tell, but i am just too tired tonight to write about it. so... instead i have a tribute to my cat in taipei; mao. i will miss you mao, even if you nearly ruined my computer on several occasions.

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June 9, 2005

6 years old...

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June 5, 2005

oh my

so.. i am getting really nervous. i am sitting in the baggage claim in seattle airport, waiting for my girlfriend sarah to come pick me up. and it hit me, just a moment ago... that i have never kissed her before! so here it is... our first kiss... even after dating for nearly 6 months now! anyhow... suddenly i became really self-conscious. my face is unshaven, i'm wearing a dirty undershirt, and my breath is stinky! yikes! so... i decided i had to buys something for my breath, as so many commercials and billboards have been urging me to do. but when i went to the convenient store, instead of looking for the tic tacs and bubble gums... i went straight to the sandwiches and picked up a southwest turkey and pepperjack sandwich. im not ready to do the whole breath freshener thing. anyhow... i personally find the smell of good food so much more attractive than anything else.

so... i really should be writing more about the shock of being back in the united states. but im not ready to think about that. i had a huge shock just now when paying for the sandwich. i pulled out the lump of change in my pocket, and my hand was filled with ex-presidents. i didn't know what to do, everything felt so different, the weight, the texture, the sizes... i don't know... but it was too much. i just stood there for a few minutes. its a good thing i've been completely distracted by the last post on ultimate blogger to get too emotional. it would have been an awfully dramatic day yesterday, if i hadn't spent it shooting film and editing.

anyhow... i think i need to wait before i write anymore... i've only just stepped of the plain... im... needing... ah! pine trees... it was good to see those... soldier? wow... a sailor girl walked by... so young... i think im getting older and... thought.s,,,, why does everyone smell so funny? adhhdhhdhd... NO PICTURES!! whats going one... i think i see my girlfriend.. i have to figure out what to do... 6.25$ sandwhichesQ!!! how am i going to eat in this countrys.,smdfskkdsf i sdfadf ; djsd lknd l jdj ow ,alcds
im done caring about how my journal looks... for today at least. i am totally burned out. it has been such an awsome 5 weeiks... im ready for a nothing nothing mindspill entry
ldfskal asdffsd llkksds

oh boy...
the usa....................


sd sl;kl; ds a

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