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August 29, 2005

the picnic and the beach

so... it was a marvelous day. a great end to a lovely week/weekend. today was the g-rad picnic in the city center. it was very lovely. lots of great food (i didn't bring any... im ashamed to say), wonderful people, and perfect weather. i was quick to leave though, because lake michigan was beckoning me. have spent the majority of the last three days playing in the waters of our favorite lake. not only has the weather been incredible, but their have even been a great deal of good sized waves to thrash about in! i don't think there is anything more wonderful than playing in fresh water waves! no... no... there is. and that is laying on the shore with chris and nina, listening to chris reading "matilda". today i believe we spent almost 6 hours in the sand... watching flocks of seagulls pass by overhead (an eye out for droppings), chewing on breadsticks, and admiring the colors as the sun dipped into the sea. over the last few weeks, i have not been in possession of my computers AC adapter, so have been spending enormous amounts of time learning new games to play in the water. most of them have to do with creating whirlpools, pretending im dead and washing up on the shore, covering myself in sand and acting like a monster, or imaging that i don't have use of 3 limbs and trying to swim. its very exhausting work really.

anyhow... with no further ado... here is a breif picnic video. i am going to bed. 8 o'clock beigns my first day of work at the hot glue factory, and after that... school. yum yum. also, i just saw nora, and she looks great in my clothes, as always. also, thanks nina for the photos. she has a camera, and since i've been spending much great time with her and chris, most of this last few weeks escapades can be found on her flicker site. including my new favorite red and white striped shirt. ok. that was further ado. sorry. i saw so many wonderful people this week... its been good. im exhausted and ready to get back to school. so... goodnight.


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August 21, 2005

oldest animation?

although the claims are being disputed, researchers may have found a japanese animation made shortly after 1900. this makes it over ten years older than what was previously thought to be the earliest japanese animation, Imokawa Ryouzou Genkan-ban no maki. anyhow... i couldn't help making my own little gif animation of it. imagine something like this but 50 frames long (almost 3 seconds).

from KineJapan (a listserv i've never actually contributed too)

edit: this animation is indeed much older. but i hardly think anything before film really counts.

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ducks & chicks

this is my cousin lucy. she is the greatest. this is her introducing me to her ducks and chicks at there farm in... (some really nice town up near traverse city). before i left for taiwan i came up to help them pack mud in the walls of the house they were building, it was really quite a production. now the house has been done for a long time, and i've finally gotten to see it. its great. i want to build a house too. ok. thats the end of my story.


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August 8, 2005


so... i have a new design/layout and everything. thanks to george for working out the bugs for me. i had a great weekend. it was a hot & naked weekend. in the spirit of receiving the new bro zone, i spent all of saturday and most of sunday wearing nothing but my towel and drinking only kool-aid. george & todd were also very impressed by this new cd comp, and agreed to listen to it all day long, in addition to putting up with my nude behavior. in addition to featuring a grand rapids ex-pat, the comp boasted both a missy elliot AND a fleetwood mac cover. all of which blew me away. i highly recommend everyone get online and order one immediatly... except for william who will be getting a copy in the mail from me.

but that isn't what this post is about. no no. i've turned a new leaf. no more putzing about, i can't expect to ever get back to blogging again, if i think i can cover everything thats been happening to me this summer. i had a huge folder of stuff i had been planning to blog about, and it is now officially deleted. i am going day by day now. whatever just happens to tickle my fancy that day... gets on hiho. i was so impressed when george managed to blog about our bro-zone party 5 minutes into the festivities. i need to start doing that (even if i don't have a nice little digital camera). so... right now... today... what i am into are these far-out scopitones. i had downloaded some a long time ago... after either william or sound scavengers brought my attention to it. but didn't get a chance to watch any of them all the way through until just today. and they are SO GREAT! next time i am rich or have a job or something... i am going to start ordering each and every one of them. in fact... i am going to start making a christmas bookmark folder right now, so i don't forget to tell my parents just how much i would appreciate any one of these in my stockings.

anyhow... check them out... you really won't regret it. and if you do, then i don't know what you expected to find here. also, please let me know what you think of the new design/layout. i promise to be more diligent with my blogging from now on.

love love

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August 4, 2005



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