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September 22, 2005

totally rad part 2

so... here it is. the second installment. i don't have much to say because i am very tired. i had a huge Mediterranean feast this evening with my family, it was incredible. also, my mother offered me 100$ if i would cut my beard so that she could take a family christmas photo... without fidel castro. i declined. i may need my beard this winter if i don't find a really nice scarf very soon.

edit: this entry is nearly a week old. i finally got the mp4 to work properly. i don't know what was wrong. anyhow... im in cedar springs tomorrow and the next day, filming at these beauty pageant things. it will be interesting.


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September 20, 2005

one more

ok... i've got one more. i guess im sort of a narcissist.

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so, i had to shoot a little animation last night for class. it was pretty dull, but we got the whole thing done in an hour. it did, however, inspire me to bring home the camera stand a play around with some stop motions of my own before going to bed. basically, i want to spend the entirety of october A HREF="http://www.berlinale-talentcampus.de/www/1?btcgl=en"> working on a film submission for the berlinale talent campus next february. i didn't get in last year, but this year, seeing as i will already be in berlin... and this is indeed my final year in film school, i am incredible determined to get in. the application is a bit different this year. instead of just asking for a 1 minute sample of your work, you can submit a 1-5 minute piece on the topic of "food and hunger". im totally geeked about this, as i am vary fond/familiar with both. so, i am doing test to see if what i have in mind is technically possible for me to do, given my resources. and... it looks like it is indeed possible, seeing as i was able to pull these together in just a few short minutes, thank you kyle and audrey for sucking on vegetables for me.

so.. here they are... a few short samples for you. pay attention to the carrot piece, because if you know me, than i may very well be asking you to do something similar this october. i have to make a list of long and visually appealing foodstuffs that can fit in peoples mouths without spilling.


edit: totally rad part 2 will be out shortly. for some reason the mp4 refused to load when i first published it. i don't know whats going on with it.

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September 12, 2005

totally rad part 1

so, i found this totally rad family video from the 80's while shopping with chris filippini. i don't even know where to begin explaining it... but it is amazing. most of it is just birthday parties, but there is also a violin/piano recital, and an amazing dance/lip-sync party. i'll be sharing two other clips from the tape when i get more time. the next one will be from this girl's bangles dance performance, which also may end up at the hot glue factory show with wolf eyes and oni gosen. after that i am going to try to put together a montage of all the different birthday wishes across the years ("i hope for no change" says the father in each segment). so.... stay tuned, these are some real gems.

movie (and label):

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