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October 21, 2005


so... i got mugged two hours ago. i was about to turn into my driveway on my bike, and a 6'5" 275 lbs. monster punched me in the head right after i said 'good evening'. i was hit so hard it ripped the glasses and earrings of my face. the hit knocked me all the way to the sidewalk, where three other large friends of his started kicking me. i tried screaming and begging them not to hurt me, asking them to please just take my wallet and leave. after beating me nearly senseless, they made the demand for my wallet. so i gave them my wallet, they stomped my head into the pavement, kicked me in the ribs and walked away.

the police haven't found anything yet. my whole body hurts. my glasses are in 5 different peices. i had no money in my wallet. my whole body hurts. um. my lip is huge. i have trouble opening my mouth all the way. my nicest shirt is ruined. the dress shirt i wore for ultimate blogger. it was the only presentable article of clothing i have. its ruined. shitty shit shit.

what ding dongs. four people beating up a harmless dude wearing big dangly woman's earrings on a bike. im lucky i have gaged ears, or those little earrings would have been ripped off. man. i was going to post tonight about the new cheap wool socks i found at the good will. i bought three pairs. that will have to wait for another day. instead i am going to post a video i made after talking to the police. we bought a clapper, and its been going on and off all night... adding to the confusion. its been a really weird night.

how am i going to watch a movie tomorrow without my glasses? poop. this is awful. sorry to unload on the internet like this... but i needed something to distract myself with. if you see me, try to ignore all the bumps and bruises, im a bit sensitive about it. i look like a hooligan. an ogre really. pirate? maybe i'll just go to halloween as 'hurt'.


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October 17, 2005

vote vote

so... i had to do this little animation this weekend. its suppose to be a 15-20 second PSA that encourages voting. i couldn't get the dialogue i wanted... so at the last minute threw in some clips of a swedish boy singing an astrid lindgren song... and then ended it with the cheering after cheif baonoko's speech. not really fitting... but... it will do. i can stand PSA's anyhow. oh yeah... the music is 'my petit prelude' by lullatone.


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religious robots

i don't have much time at all. i am doing laundry and need to fold my clothes and go to bed. this weekend i went thrift store shopping with emma and george, made some wonderful finds that i will soon share. also, we watched 'corpse bride'.... it was very good. i am a big fan of visiting cinemas before noon.

anyhow... i've found some amazing videos lately, and i'd like to share them all at once, but im afraid it would all be too much. so, i will just start with the two commercial videos i have really gotten a kick out of. i've run out of time to talk about things... so... just going to post what i have and then leave. tomorrow i promise more.

movie: (cover, back)

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October 4, 2005

the show

how is this for the two year daac anniversary show flyer? it will be screen printed on those square pieces of cardboard you may have seen laying around the entrance to the theatre at the UICA. my goal is to find a use for every single one of those. i've already gone through 30 in an animation project, used 10 of them to decorate my room... which leaves about 960 pieces still to use. maybe i'll build a desk or something.

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how sad...

how sad. nina has left, and chris will be leaving shortly. what am i to do now? who will i spend my mornings afternoons and evenings with now? i will see chris in about a month, of course. and nina i will be visiting in february. but still... these fall days will certainly be lonely without them. nina and chris... i love you!

anyhow... there is so much i've been meaning to blog about, but i have just become unbearably busy. two pictures that just happen to be on my desktop though, are of this absolutely WONDERFUL laptop sleeve that nina created for me last week. i love it! personally, i think she should devote a website to the marketing of these lovely sleeves. they really are the height of laptop fashion!

also... someone in the station is playing "mr. blue sky" by elo! i am totally elated! takes me way back to a bit less bearded time.

so... i guess i don't have much to blog about while im at school. there are a whole load of cool toys, pictures, books, and records that i have acquired recently that i am eager to share... but i can't do anything about that here. i guess thats it then. if your available around 2:00 this tuesday afternoon, tune in to WCKS for my radio show (stream here). today's theme is 'women in music that i absolutely adore". since that is an extremely broad topic (i think i am enamored with just about every female in the recording industry), i've excluded many of my recent favorites... such as those from or related to the portland area. today i will be dealing more with chinese pop stars, early 80's divas, and japanese avant-garde musicians. of course, thats still much too broad for a one hour show, so im also excluding those related to childisc records and.... well... nevermind. its not important. just tune in and see what i have to offer today. thanks. love love.

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