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November 19, 2005


my computer is soooooooo fixed!!! how exciting!! i will be working on it all weekend!!! totally new desktop! to celebrate, i am learning how to use illustrater, and making a very special wallpaper that moves every couple seconds! like a really slow animation. hardly noticable...

anyhow... here is an animation i did this weekend... totally last minute, stayed up all night working on it at the hot glue factory. maybe you'll enjoy... its another awesome lucky dragons song. go figuer. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep...


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November 7, 2005


i did this in class today... im still in class though so i can't really write about it. let me just say, flash is totally cool. and now i know how to make buttons!! sweet!!

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so... i shaved my beard. yes indeed, i was super-duper attached to it, but its my moms birthday today, and i know she would appreciate a clean face on her oldest son. actually, she has even offered to pay me more than 200$ to shave it. so, i guess this was my opportunity to give her a gift much more than i could ever afford. the funny thing is, the next night, i ended up at pats place, which was hosting the overflow traffic of the annual michigan bear convention. if your not hip to the lingo, a bear, is a bit of a large burly gay man... often wearing leather, and always very visibly proud of their chest/facial hair. and there i was... freshly shaven, playing shufflepuck with my new bear friends, no beard on my chin to boast of. i had a great time, but i thought it was pretty ironic. almost like fate wanted to test my commitment to the new clean shave thing. i passed. i will always have my chest hair.

anyhow... i don't have much time to write. need to shower, get to 80's night for a drink, come back and go to bed. but... tonight was really weird. nora and i found what we though was a dead man in front of her apartment (right down the street from mine). we called 911... ambulance and firetrucks arrived, and they announced that he indeed had a pulse. so, it was a relief. but, im embarrassed. i was too scared to touch him, or try to wake him up. all i did was yell "hey sir... are you alright" before calling the cops. there was this really wierd glaze over his face that made me very anxious. i couldn't tell if he was real, or some mean prank/left-over halloween deadman prop. when the cops showed up with more lights, it turned out that the glaze was actually sweat/snot and his mouth was foaming. it was very disturbing. so... don't want to think about it anymore. i tried to take a picture with my camera, thinking i'd probably end up bloggin about it... but ended up only taking a picture (which didn't turn out) of the flashing lights.

in other news, none of my new crazy sweat shirts and winter gear look right on me now that i have removed the burly beard. at least i have an excuse to start wearing the awesome scarf sarah nit for me. so... click on the .gif animation for the video of me shaving. thanks nora for helping! thanks carrie for the trimmers! thanks luke for the music! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!


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November 2, 2005

broze own

wowie zowie this weekend was great! broze own was so amazing!! so... i know not as many people came as we had hoped/expected, what with the night being super busy GR party/show night, but those that came where going so crazy and having such a good time! that night we made total party at neighbors house, tried on my cool new collection of sunglasses, and played with the clapper light table. next morning was breakfast at gaias, and then we played with my camera and shot some video for the next broze own teaser on jona's site, and peices of the new bobby birdman music video. i had a super fun time and look forward to seeing them again in the spring!

so... im totally healed and better now. still having trouble opening doors, sitting straight, and carrying heavy objects in one hand... but i feel great otherwise, and managed to escape without scars or scary bruises. thanks everyone for all your love and support! i really appreciated it! (i was a big attention-monger for most all that week). also, this morning i finally made it back to ancient chinese lit class! we read excerpts from "stories of the world newly told" by 'the seven worthies of the bamboo grove' (a group of seven crazy chinese poet dudes around the year 260)... and i was so impressed! i went to the library to find the full translation, had to pay 15 dollars to get a new card, and was then told i couldn't check it out because i never returned a cd called 'negro chants, hollers, and spirituals'... i think maybe it was an alan lomax cd. anyhow... it was a great cd, and i had no idea i had returned the case without the cd, and now i am totally without wonderfull passages such as this:

The wife of Wang Anfeng would always call Anfeng "you". Anfeng said, "according to the rites, it is disrespectful for a wife to call her husband 'you'. Do not do it again.'

His wife said, "I am intimate with you and i love you; therefore i call you 'you'. if i do not call you 'you', who should call you 'you'?

oh, those crazy chinese. i had forgotten how much i love love love their literature. it makes me want to drink way to much wine and hang out next to a river. here is another one of my favorite selections from the text:

Liu Ling always indulged in wine and let himself be uninhibited. Sometimes he would take his clothes off and stay in his house stark naked. When visitors saw this, they criticized him. Ling said, "I take Heaven and Earth as my pillars and roof, and the rooms of my house as my trousers. Gentlemen, what are you doing in my trousers?"

in other news, i recieved ritchey's package the other day! classic battles is so good! it has just replaced the reigning champion car cd, after 3 weeks in my player... the getty address. before that was faults, then p:ano, a hermine/after dinner mix, and then the plastics. i expect manta will have a good long run. also, thanks to ritcheys flashcards, i now understand the word "oppugn".

speaking of dirty projectors, while digging around for mini movies the other week, i ran acros s this impression i did of the dirty projectors show i saw in seattle this summer. that was another incredible show. which is why as soon as i got home i put on their shirt, whipped up a bowl of sashimi, and did an impression of them for hiho (and forgot to post it).

oh boy, its getting late though. i'd better wrap up and go to bed. i captured my footage from the show and made mp3's from the audio. i still have to go back and capture cory's set, i didn't have time to play that on my radio show today so i haven't done that yet... but if you are interested in my total hardcore bootleg mp3 copy of broze own tour, you need to send me (james dot voges at gmail dot com) an email with the subject "james is so awesome and so is broze own", and then include one pleasing compliment directed towards yours truly. then i will reply with a gracious acceptance of your compliment, and a link to where i've stashed the mp3's. it will be fun! i must warn you though, its not a very good recording, the levels were super hot on my cameras mic, and i was much more interested in dancing than paying any attention to a silly ol' camera. thanks, bye the way, all of you's that took the camera from me so i could waved my arms about like i just didn't care. seriously... thank you jona, rob, and eric for being such awesome performers/musicians. oh yes! i nearly forgot! sunday i got to sleep with nora's dog lucy! what a great dog! she is such a good spooner! ok... i think thats all for now. good night.


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