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December 13, 2005

panda bear

so... nearly done with school. i walked and all that. just need to finish my documentary and im done. but... tonight i play "ANIMAL CROSSING"!! so... if this game is good, then i buy a nintendo DS... it comes down to that. also... lost is totally crazy. im all caught up now and ready to try and watch it in syndication like tv watching people do.

also, i have a camera now!! thanks mom and dad! so... stay tuned for pictures and the sort. i took tons of cute pictures of my cousins with my dads camera before i got mine... i'll have to fetch them and post them soon. anyhow... thats about it. i just wanted to do something with the fun new gif i made of nora wearing my panda hat. i wonder if i will ever get it back.

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December 5, 2005

flash rap machine

i did this today, and yesterday, and the day before that.

notice it is V1.1

that is because i can't find my registration number for protools... so i just randomly choose short mp's for the buttons. those will be replaced soon by other things... including fun little keyboard keys. that way you can play along with the respective MC. also, i think i may have gotten their names confused. anyhow... let me know what you think!

full sized version here

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December 4, 2005

jane horrocks

so... this last week has been very weird. i had a very emotional 6 hour night finishing 6 feet under. watch the whole second season of the L word, started Lost, and watched season 4 & 5 of Ab Fab. now i have a big crush on jane horrocks, eddy's secretary 'bubbles'.... as well as being a voice in chicken run and the corpse bride. i don't know what it is about her, but i have a total school boy crush on her (and those crazy outfits she wore).

anyhow... i havne't been posting much lately, been a bit under the weather and overwhelmed with work (and not doing it). so, i thought i'd distract myself with posting. but, im starting to really get worried about finding someone to take my room. so, if anyone knows someone looking for a room, have them call me (616)856-9635. also... i was fooling around with my totally unregistered version of Snapz Pro and made this totally pointless film. if you look closely you'd notice that my desktop now morphs every 5 seconds...

ok... back to my rotoscopeing.

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