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February 20, 2006


So... this weeks see's the start of the second season of ultimate blogger 1. i am super stoked. however, this also brings to light a very embarrasing situation. i haven't blogged in FOREVER! so while we have been getting press from newspapers, websites, and radio stations, i have to repeatedly explain to people that i haven't been in 'the right place' to blog for a few months now. the truth is, i have been. i've sit around the house on my laptop nearly 8 hours a day. so why don't i blog? i have no idea. part of it, i believe, is a state of mind. i've kind of witnessed a dip in my mood lately, since returning from taiwan. the kind of dip that you are afraid to share on a website. an overall gloominess i've wanted to hide from people. so, i guess i've been a bit depressed. since moving to portland, there have been so many awesome oppurtunities to shake this depression, and i sort of had. but in the meanwhile, i have totally been exposed to so many awesome things to blog about. shows, art, people, movies, trips to the mountain... i have huge folders on my computer filled with prepared mp4's, mp3's, jpg's and text files to fill a years worth of blog entries... but still i don't blog. its all become too much, it would take all week to cover everything i want to cover. so, i need to just start with a clean plate. start with TODAY. only cover things i have done in the last few days. hopefully this will get me back on track, and i can start living up to the title... 'ultimate blogger' again.

so... i've paid my dues, the website is back up. thats taken care of. unfortunaly this also means my paypal account is back in action. last night i sort of freaked out because i really wanted to listen to some of my old favorite music. archie bell and the drells, joe tex, ike and tina turner.... i needed these tunes to pick me up out of a funk. AND I DIDN"T HAVE IT! it sucks loseing your entire music collection, especially when it is so expansive. i don't know what i do and don't have anymore, and solarseek isn't working again. So, i did something i haven't done in years (outside of mech tables at shows), buy cd's. yup. i went on amazon and ordered 4 yma sumac cd's, then bought her 'miracles' record off of ebay. ha... from croatia. the shipping cost were more than the record. but its worth it, this is a collectors item. and there is a sweet little record player at the place i am staying now, so it will get plenty of revolutions.

anyhow... i am on my way to seattle now. going to stay with sarah for a few days, and project 'series of unfortunate events' at her tutoring center for a lemony snicket reading festival of sorts. they are paying for my bus fare too! so, i have to run. i will blog more later. i am totally feeling it. the blogging spirit is returning. stay tuned for an extensive post on 'giantess fetishes'. its going ot be some hot stuff. also, dudes at vimeo have awarded me and the other UB2 related peoples a bunch more bandwidth to work with, so i am going to start posting way more videos. have a lot of catching up to do.

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February 4, 2006

Seattle, WA

oh, seattle was so nice! it always is. i wish i could have stayed longer than two days! but i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles, i should have planned better. anyhow, it was really to see sarah, plus i finally got to meet sarah (nedo) and charlies adorable new child (pictures 1 2 3). we didn't have nearly enough time to do the things we were hoping to do, so i am going to have to return soon for a bit of eithiopian eating, brewing/viewing, deadwood watching, story reading fun. we nearly almost didn't get to have pho together! luckily a new pho resteraunt opened at the bus station, so we had our traditional pho meal together before leaving. it was sad, standing in bus stations for 3 hours will always be sad. this station had a really wierd shoot-em-up video game called "target terror" that i think we also have at the gerald r. ford airport in grand rapids. it must be a new fad, having games about shooting terriorists and hijackers in major transportation centers. the game is crazy!! on the trailor it has images of Bush, Osama, and Saddam, followed by a sequence of a player sniping hijackers in the cockpit of a plane taking off, and then shows a plane crashing into the white house. INSANE!!!

anyhow, i don't want to end on that note. stay tuned cause i am going start posting about portland sometime after midnight tonight. lots of exciting things to blog about! im haveing a really good time. miss you all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! (check out his awesome flicker page of china pictures. this day last year i was arriving in shanghai to celebrate his birthday! we had so much fun!!) ok. thats it. now for cute baby picture.

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