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March 11, 2006

kiwa hirsuta


did anyone see the crazy new hairy crustacean they've discovered???

thanks rebecca for pointing it out to me. she has a blog too... but i don't do links to diaryland. sucka. (edit: she has totally legit sites now in addition to diaryland... very pretty, but under construction.) anyhow... totally going to a party tonight. first portland party. pretty stoked. also, last night i hung out at ground kontrol with daniel. it was rad. i like that place, glad daniels giving games a second chance. also... i pulled a bold move last night. LEFT MY LAPTOP AT JONA'S!!! ON PURPOSE! so, ive realized one of the things that has been wrong with me lately. IM NOT READING! so, last night i got into reading again. i have two books with me at the moment, both of which i will read cover to cover before buying any new books. the first is water mirror by Kai Meyer, book one of the dark reflections trilogy... a lovely german series for children. its really good so far. normally i read books like that in the course of a day, but i was really tired (and a bit tipsey) when i started last night, so i passed out right away, and today i've been uber-busy with UB2. i made a breif cameo in the newest video... you can kinda see me in the mirror.

anyhow... im doing pretty well. staying away from WOW... starting do a little bit of music, working with flash again, getting around town. also... today is christopher's birthday. wish him a good one. yesterday was my grandfathers, the 7th was my sisters sara's , and soon (maybe today) is my cousin bella's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU ALL! ok... bye bye.

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March 9, 2006

on hannah

so... i was chatting with ben, and he mentioned that our friend peter brandt of ben & bruno has been podcasting... something i was totally unaware of. this is exactly why his site should be syndicated on g-rad. ha. anyhow. i love his music, and if you remember, i used his tunes in my short documentary for school. so, i totally recommend subscribing. ITS FREE!!! how great is that. i've been meaning to do podcasts for awhile... but this is the first time i've seen this neat itunes subscription service. I am very impressed by it. especially since its free. so... stay tuned for a stationary podcast subscription thingie... peter, i will be asking you about that soon. also, i really appreciate your field recordings of fountains in granada. totally cool... i love them.

so. it was listening to his podcasts from granada, that i realized that I HAVE OTHER FRIENDS IN GRANADA! i've heard so much about granada, i really need to go someday. but. anyways. i've just written sarah a myspace message trying to get a hold of her. she just graduated from BU with a degree in science and VIOLIN! and now she is playing music on the streets of granada with her boyfriend! totally dreamy, i wish i was talented and could join them. so, i thought it would be really amazing if they had happened to see each other... peter recording the sounds of the fountain as sarah and bill tune their instruments! so, i got a hold of sarah's sister on ichat, and found out that she had just gotten back from the Olymics! where she watched her cousin WIN THE GOLD METAL IN THE HALFPIPE COMPETITION! totally crazy! i remember growing up, them mentioning how their cousins were all pro snowboarders. well, now one of them has a gold medal. maybe more, im not even sure. Anyhow... her name is hannah teter, and she just turned 19. it still blows my mind how young some of the olymians are... (is that a word?) i can't imagine that level of achievment/pressure at that age... going away to college was stressfull enough... let alone training for the olymipics.

i dunno. pretty crazy and exciting. and look at this.. TWO blog entries in TWO days! im on a roll. lets hope i keep rolling. cheers...

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March 7, 2006

light trails

i just haven't been able to get back into blogging. im sure it will come back soon. just have to break through this funk. anyhow... im still posting photos on flickr. also, im totally into this ground kontrol arcade place. i think i will go tonight and try to set a highscore somewhere. that might temporarly boost my ego long enough to do something productive. maybe.

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