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September 22, 2006

i miss wanfang

hello hello. as you may have noticed, pepper is finally up and running. hopefully both sarah and i can encourage each other to blog more often. things are finally starting to move in some sort of pattern... life is evening out. we are now subleasing at a co-workers home near songshan train station, on the tenth floor of a building over looking raohe night market and ciyou temple; the only temple in taiwan that worships a black-faced goddess. i haven't been inside yet, but i promise to take plenty of pictures.

rao he night market is ok. they specialize in a sort of chopped up boiled meat dish that i am still not brave enough to try. its the sort of blacked meat you see working class people eating, spitting bones in a pile on the table in between huge swigs of medicinal liquor. they do have an exceptionally nice pakistan restaurant... although im afraid that at 300nt a meal, its a bit out of our price range. needless to say, i don't like this area as much as wanfang. granted... AC is nice... tv is nice (first tv in several years!)... movie channels... late night awkward bikini variety shows... mail order wife-o-mercials... endless Zhou Xingchi... i can't complain too much. its been even easier to enjoy since i've come to excuse my recent tv addiction as 'cultural investigations'. heh. before i leave in october i promise to record as much as i can off the old boob tube so you can see for yourselves.

so... sarah and i are really looking forward to moving into the rooftop place in southern taipei. we have grand schemes of rooftop gardening, and have been doing plenty of research on rooftop planting/composting ect ect. even more exciting, is the prospects of having my old cat mao back! i miss that rugged old tom soooooooo much! well.. im sleepy, and sarah said we can't go to bed until i post. i used the 'too tired' excuse last night after helping her post in pepper, won't fly again tonight. so, without further ado, here are a few short videos i took one particularly nice night at the old sublet. i miss living on a hill and watching the sunset on my porch. that neighborhood turns amazing colors at night.

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