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January 24, 2007


so its been over almost exactly a year now since i made this 'hiho podcast', but after having trouble getting it to work as a legitimate podcast... i've decided to just go ahead and release it as my first hihocast. in the early minutes of the podcast you will here a blur of songs that have randomly been chose to represent the music on my computer last year. this .mp3 was created using an itunes signature maker. so.... some of this music may be a bit out of date, but its a pretty good representation of what i was listening to and enjoying at the beginning of 2006... a year of which i spent entirely immersed in the world of warcraft. i will have you all know that as of January 22nd, i am no longer a gamer. all my characters have been deleted, and any trace of warcraft has been removed from my computer. /cheer

so. without much further ado. here it is... careful, its a whopper of a file. any suggestions as to how to condense it a bit would be greatly appreciated.

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January 9, 2007

vintage photos

so sarah and i have been working on this puzzle for what seems like forever. at first it wasn't so bad, a corner piece here, section of the house there, the ewe's eyeball overhere... piece of cake. but man, tackling those wool pieces has proven to be a real chore. basically it has come down to systematically trying every single piece on every single other piece, until we've made a match. either way, i've really been enjoying it. the charles wysocki collection is really nice, and i can find a number of his puzzles on ebay for a fair price. also, my mother sent me a really nice holiday number that we can work on once the sheep is done.

so... i guess thats about the most excitement i've had in my life lately. the holidays were really nice, its been really cold the last few days, the cats are beginning to get real cuddly... but thats about it. tonight i decided i'd like to go back to school and become a vet. last week i was sure i'd be a librarian. before that, a dwarven ranger. one day i'll no for sure, but until then i'll just keep studying chinese, saving money, and tending to my lovely new home.

lately the highlights of my weeks have been sundays. every saturday sarah and i wake up early and head out to the second hand market. i've found a favorite stall that has already learned to set aside his photo albums every week for me to look through and purchase for about 100nt a stack. the first couple i've brought home have been a bit too fragile to photo copy, but i've gotten a couple books since that will be really easy to scan, so pretty soon i will have a large collection of vintage taiwanese photos on flickr. im actually really excited about going through them carefully, i've only peeked inside a few of them so far and they look great.

anyhow... its getting late. sarah inspired me to post tonight, otherwise i wasn't really planning on it. i still have 4-5 small videos/posts i have been planning to make but never really got around to doing. maybe something will happen this week and i will start posting again. i guess it depends if the 2.03 WoW patch has lifted the lvl60 cap by tomorrow or not. ok... to bed. love love.

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