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June 30, 2006

infinate love

This is mostly a test to see if I figured out how to upload pictures right. But for those of you familiar with Calvin's downtown gallery space, it is looking for a name to call itself. Benner's suggestion for a name got further than anyone else's that I know of. Mine (gallery infinate love) didn't even make it past the first round. Anyways, they are still looking for an appropriate name...any one got any suggestions?

June 28, 2006

An Open Critique

This is an untitled painting up for open critique

This painting is by Joe Post, and can be seen at his website in the context of his other work at

This is an idea we have been toying with...
Basically the idea is this: We put out a piece of work and you the bloggin' community comment and critique it. All through our time at Calvin, we both felt like critiques were never harsh enough, there just was never any real zingers or emotional outbursts. We never heard what people really thought of our work. So, here it is, the chance to critique in the anonymity of the web and the chance for us to defend our ideas.

To get things started I will just list out bullet style (with out the responses to these questions or comments) what some critiques of this work are:

First, what are these paintings about?

Its looks really contemporary (or maybe even hipster), does it have any lasting value?

How seriously can you take this work?

Does a big huge painting do anything to move me to a higher contemplation?

This/these paintings are in danger of becoming too obvious?

Is this (idea) brand new?

Is this just another revisiting of Alexis Rockman? Who is characterized as: "...not contemplative at all...obvious..."war is bad, aids is bad, the government is evil""

Feel FREE TO COMMENT on any or all of these questions and comments. The idea for us to get a free flow of ideas, any ideas. We are using are own work not so that we get a bunch of "hey, that's nice" or the opposite "that sucks". We want something more than that. At very least this will amount to a conversation between the two owners of this blog. I went now you go.


Blog Spam?

For all those questioning the apparently lack luster approach and quality, or so far sub par performance of homage, the blog. This is for you.

This blog needs some explanation right? Well here goes.

This blog is a joint project of two of Calvin College's four BFA graduates (2006).

We hope to continue a "project" which we began in a sculpture class, and that is of homage (as a premise and purpose for the creation, and continuation of art). In the past we have paid homage as artists, friends, and competitors to both each other and the wider world of art and artists. This blog is intended to continue in this project. We hope to discover together the ways of the blogging world will simultaneously sorting out what our own individual purposes are, while maintaing a genuine conversation about the state of art. As an aside: This project is not intended to suggest that history or precedents, past artists etc. are in any way superior to the contemporary, but instead is intended to carry out an open discussion about our own personal projects in light of both history and contemporary.

So far we have not gotten past, just trying to figure out how things work, getting images to load in our entries, linking to other sites etc. As we figure out how to control of blog we will be able to better achieve our goal for it.

I am very pleased to find that there is a sort of blogging accountability. I appreciate all the comments on the forum as well as the individual attention Benner has given us, as we sort out technical issues with our blog and try to get some real content out there.

June 26, 2006

Rope shakin' action

Once again, this blogging duo shared an extremely interesting weekend together. Once we figure out how to post photofraphs everything will be far more interesting for everyone else too (I presume). Besides our typical six-pack-plus antics, I pulled down Dreadcarno's hoop in a fatal attempt to resurrect a grave game of HORSE, and we witnessed some classic familial unrest (but I’ll let Dcarno comment more on that). No worries though – the weekend wasn’t all destructive…we made some positive progress rebuilding the backboard. I’ll be able to “post” up on that court in no time…right “D”?

June 20, 2006


"Get OFF me"



"I want an exciting life, so I plan for spontaniety."

"I want a lot of power tools when I grow I need a really large basement...or maybe a shed out back"

"I know you don't like to be doubted...but TELL ME"

Coming Reviews

I just got a bunch of new DVD's in the mail. So, future movie reviews may involve: King Kong, Final Fantasy Advent Children, and Final Fantasy The Spirits Within.

Line 1

POST's favorite line..

"Run the lip off sunshine shore
Betray white water
Delay dark forms
Slap young waves on wooden bones
Don't touch the laughter and away we go"

Of Nemeses and Gossipers

Following the recent and unauthorized disposal of some of my artwork, I was reminded of some interesting terminology related to the past 4 years of spoelhof basement fun.

Some definitions provided by for "Nemesis"

"An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome."
"One that inflicts retribution or vengeance."
"Greek Mythology. The goddess of retributive justice or vengeance."

June 19, 2006

First First Timers

This blog is a new joint project, of two recent graduates from the Calvin College Art Basement, representing 50% of the graduating BFA ers.


‘Nuff said? Ok, well maybe a little more should be said. Jennifer Aniston disappoints, again. Kevin Costner still sucks. And there must have been a screen play shortage in Hollywood that day. Or something. This movie is a despicable excuse for a movie. As it pretends to have character development and shamelessly piggy backs on The Graduate, the movie has no soul of its own. It’s not romantic, not sad, and not funny. Basically, it just sucks to my assmar.


EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED, Directed by Directed by Liev Schreiber and starring Elijah Wood ---in a role highlighting his two best faces, the pensive Wood, and the awkwardly smug smiling Wood. (Similar to Zoolander's Blue Steel). The story was a "premium" telling of a young Jewish boys search for his grand parent’s heritage, and his odd quest to collect things.

The film was a very satisfying, humorous and sad experience. It falls in my list of recommended movies. Two thumbs up.

June 18, 2006


Yes, I must have a go at commenting on the world cup (not the stanley cup).

Yesterday, the Americans (ranked fifth in the world? i think i heard by a company owned by coke) tried very very hard to win, but fell short after an "infantile" second foul by Pope sent him to the sidelines, and put the Americans at a 9 -10 man disadvantage. I like their gutsy play, but I have heard some nonsense about a bias ref? That is ridiculous.

Today, in another great and inspiring match up, the Koreans vs. the French. The Koreans looked little next to the taller and stronger Frenchmen but came away with one point after an entire game of non stop pressure and amazing displays of skill.

I was satisfied that the favourites did not win. In fact I almost always satisfied when the weaker teams win. I miss the days when I could live futbol. American TV just doesnt do the game justice with the commentators lack of emmotion and ridiculous if not wrong judgements of the game. For a taste of the eximent of what futbol really is about tune in to UNIVISION. Even if you don't understand what they are saying you will understand what they are feeling. Passion.


NACHO LIBRE, Jack Black's latest and perhaps his greatest movie. But I note, that it is his greatest, not the greatest movie. Indeed, my review is "not the greatest" or 1 thumb up. The movie had its moments, but relied too heavily on Jack Black to carry a storyline and script lacking in substance.
IN defense of the movie, it is oddly unbecoming when there are more children in 10PM audience than adults...and I think this was the major flaw with the movie. Slap stick is only funny twice.

Nacho gets one thumb up, for a consistent accent, and for being filmed in my town of birth Oaxaca Mexico.

Line 3


June 16, 2006

Line 2


June 7, 2006

25 Lines of Words on Art: Statement (1958)


line 1. from Ad Reinhardt, "25 Lines of Words on Art: Statement," It Is I (Spring 1958)