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Blog Spam?

For all those questioning the apparently lack luster approach and quality, or so far sub par performance of homage, the blog. This is for you.

This blog needs some explanation right? Well here goes.

This blog is a joint project of two of Calvin College's four BFA graduates (2006).

We hope to continue a "project" which we began in a sculpture class, and that is of homage (as a premise and purpose for the creation, and continuation of art). In the past we have paid homage as artists, friends, and competitors to both each other and the wider world of art and artists. This blog is intended to continue in this project. We hope to discover together the ways of the blogging world will simultaneously sorting out what our own individual purposes are, while maintaing a genuine conversation about the state of art. As an aside: This project is not intended to suggest that history or precedents, past artists etc. are in any way superior to the contemporary, but instead is intended to carry out an open discussion about our own personal projects in light of both history and contemporary.

So far we have not gotten past, just trying to figure out how things work, getting images to load in our entries, linking to other sites etc. As we figure out how to control of blog we will be able to better achieve our goal for it.

I am very pleased to find that there is a sort of blogging accountability. I appreciate all the comments on the forum as well as the individual attention Benner has given us, as we sort out technical issues with our blog and try to get some real content out there.

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