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NACHO LIBRE, Jack Black's latest and perhaps his greatest movie. But I note, that it is his greatest, not the greatest movie. Indeed, my review is "not the greatest" or 1 thumb up. The movie had its moments, but relied too heavily on Jack Black to carry a storyline and script lacking in substance.
IN defense of the movie, it is oddly unbecoming when there are more children in 10PM audience than adults...and I think this was the major flaw with the movie. Slap stick is only funny twice.

Nacho gets one thumb up, for a consistent accent, and for being filmed in my town of birth Oaxaca Mexico.


damn. I was going to see this today but it was not sunny so i did not go (long story) I was hoping to see it on Monday.. Should I go?

the way i look at it is: it's way better than KING KONG. So if you don't mind spending money...and you don't expect too much from your movies, then go.

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