Yes, I must have a go at commenting on the world cup (not the stanley cup).

Yesterday, the Americans (ranked fifth in the world? i think i heard by a company owned by coke) tried very very hard to win, but fell short after an "infantile" second foul by Pope sent him to the sidelines, and put the Americans at a 9 -10 man disadvantage. I like their gutsy play, but I have heard some nonsense about a bias ref? That is ridiculous.

Today, in another great and inspiring match up, the Koreans vs. the French. The Koreans looked little next to the taller and stronger Frenchmen but came away with one point after an entire game of non stop pressure and amazing displays of skill.

I was satisfied that the favourites did not win. In fact I almost always satisfied when the weaker teams win. I miss the days when I could live futbol. American TV just doesnt do the game justice with the commentators lack of emmotion and ridiculous if not wrong judgements of the game. For a taste of the eximent of what futbol really is about tune in to UNIVISION. Even if you don't understand what they are saying you will understand what they are feeling. Passion.


the commentary was so great for the french game: "fans of the french team must be saying by now... "are we ever going to score?"

i missed that. since i fell asleep to thier droning voices....

yeah, and univisioin's feed is actually a few seconds earlier than ABC's somehow.

The ref in the USA game wasn't necessarily biased, he was just inconsistnent for both teams. Anytime the 3 players get ejected, you either have shitty refs or a couple of hooligan-filled teams. Neither USA nor Italy is all that tough...

I don't see any inconsistency...I thought it was perfectly reffed. FIFA has new rules, and refs now are held accoutable. For example today France was not given a goal even thought the ball was across the line, that ref. is going to reprimanded.

also, ABCs feed is on a three second delay, all live events have been that way since Janet show the world her booby.

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