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New Design of Homage

Hi, we are still trying to fine tune our new layout, but this is pretty much it. What do you think?


Looks goooooood.

it takes a really long time to load... and im not sure im totally into the graphics. are they purposely pixely?

i think you have gone so much further than anyone with changing up the design, though!

i really like the new design.

is tha the catapult?

the design is very Saved by the Bell and Hypercolor

Yeah, that is a catapult. it was the most appropriate "logo" we could come up with for Homage...

what is the catapult?

the catapult was the object of a mutual homage between myself and craigers. I maid a catapult out of steel, and he later made one out of packing peanuts.

yeah, the other option (smearing something with graphite) is a bit less photographable. p.s. Did you save that graphite book/suit dreadcarno?

Naah. unfortunately because of the ephermeral nature of that that graphite suit, it was pretty much dangerous to save.

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