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Now that I’m set up in my spiffy new new york studio and beginning to produce artwork again, I will (despite my totally inept web skills) try to post my progress regularly. The first thing on this blog agenda is to display my new work space. For the first time ever, my space is illuminated with natural light, as opposed to what I had previously in the cavernous Calvin art dept.

studiopix 008

One of the first things I did when I got here was build this super-heavy-duty table which I use exclusively to bower-buff and polish graphite panels. It’s totally bomb-proof…oh, and it’s made solely from materials that I found on the street the night before trash day.

studiopix 010

One specific project that I am currently working on (and would love feedback from) is from an assignment, themed “public vs. private space.” I came up with a concept, but have had a little difficulty matching it materially. The idea was to take semi-public images that I found on the internet which are of me in what I consider personal circumstances. Since these photos were posted by others, I am powerless to remove them from the internet. I decided to reconstruct the photographs in such a way as to remove any recognizably private content by turning the photo into a contour drawing (via photoshop) printing it off, cutting out segments of the whole and rearranging single lines to create new, abstract shapes. I am beginning to reproduce these shapes on a much larger scale. I guess this is my way of re-publicizing images of my personal-life… after significant alteration. Also, I really like the beautiful quality of these abstract forms; dually because they are derived from something concrete and personal and can be produced systematically. I really just started working on the project, so nothing is near completion, but let me know what you think anyways.

studiopix 013

studiopix 017

Next week (or later this week) I’m starting my internship at the James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea… more about that later.



first off wolpa and i will both be in NYC this weekend for conflux [http://www.confluxfestival.org].

you should also maybe check it out as it will be dealing with ideas about public and private space.

also, you should check out our Civic Studio project called Towne Club - where we dealt with just this issue.


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